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Towards Collaborative Curating: Contemporary Curatorial Education in
the Age of the Global Art Market
Summer Seminars’ For Contemporary Art Curators,
4th Annual Edition
27 July – 2 August, 2009
Yerevan, Armenia

Is it still possible to break away from the cycle of reproducing the
already existing and inherently hierarchical systems of
representation?  How do individual curatorial practices reaffirm or
subvert the ways in which the global art market functions? Can
curating function outside of market conditions? Is it possible to come
up with common theories for contemporary curatorial education across
heterogeneous contexts, or is curating only a context- specific and
context-sensitive practice?  What are the main problems facing the
curatorial education today? Is it possible to prepare curators who are
able to address ever- changing art practices? What role do theories of
curating play in practice?  These are some of the questions we would
like to discuss within the framework of AICA-Armenia’s annual
curatorial program, focusing on the intersection of curatorial
education, theories and practices.

The 4th edition of the Summer Seminars’ Program for Contemporary Art
Curators entitled Towards Collaborative Curating: Contemporary Art in
the Age of the Global Art Market brings together art curators,
theorists and academics, who are involved in the ongoing theoretical
and practical issues of researching and finding adequate methods and
modules for curatorial education and practice. The week-long seminars
are comprised of lectures, round-table discussions and public


Monday, July 27th: Towards Critical Education And New Modes of Research
10:00-10:45 -Introductory Note: Nazareth Karoyan and Angela
Harutyunyan, AICA-Armenia,"Art Criticism And/As Education"
11:00-12:30 -Lecture: Dr Clémentine Deliss, Director, Future Academy,
Edinburgh College of Art
"Future Research Collections in a Period of Recessional Curating"
13:30- 14:30-Round-Table (moderated by Lali Parteneva and Marianna
Hovhannisian): Art Education as a Site of Critical Practice
19:00-20:30 -Artists' Talk. Lusine Davidyan and Arpi Adamyan, "Ghost
Archive Project"; Mher Azatyan "An Archeology of the Everyday"

Tuesday, July 28th : Art And/As Economy
10:00-11:30 -Lecture by Aras Ozgun, New School for Social Research,
"Post-Fordism, Neo-Liberalism, and Cultural Production"
13:00- 14:30 -Round-Table (moderated by Marko Stamenkovic) Economy of
Art, Art Education and Curating within the circulation of the Global
Art Market
19:00-19:45 - Public Presentation by Nat Muller, free-lance curator,
"The Curatorial Affect: Surplus Value in an Age of Globalisation
20:00-20:45 - Public Presentation by Marianna Hovhannisian, Open
University, Yerevan, "Season 18: L'Ecole du Magasin"

Wednesday, July 29th: Curator as Producer
10:00-11:30 - Lecture: Mel Jordan and Andy Hewitt (Freee Art
Collective ), "On Co-production"
13:00-14:30 - Round-Table: Curating in the Expanded Field (moderated
by Joanna Sokolowska and Sári Stenczer): Curating and Creativity:
Curator as Mediator/Translator
19:00-19:45 Public Presentation by Sári Stenczer (curator)
20:00-20:45-Public Presentation by Lali Pertenava (Independent curator
and researcher)

Thursday, July 30th: The Practice and Methods of Education
10:00-11:30 Lecture by Malcolm Miles, University of Plymouth,
"Contemporary Art, Theory, and Education"
13:00-14:30 Round-Table (moderated by Sári Stenczer): The Pedagogy of
Education: Reading Session. Jacques Ranciere’s The Ignorant
19:00-19:45 Public Presentation by Joanna Sokolowska, Galerie für
Zeitgenössische Kunst in Leipzig, Another City, Another Life - of the
Archives, video screening with introduction
20:00-20:45 Public Presentation by Viviana Chechia, Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, Slovakia, FRAME

Friday, July 31: Open Program
10:00-11:00 Video Screening Program I Eva Khachatryan
11:00-13:00- Lunch and Swimming Lessons by Grigor Khachatryan
14:00-15:00 – Visit to an artists’ studio
19:00-20:00 A public conversation with Marko Stamenkovic, conducted by
Angela Haryutunyan

*Lectures and Round-Tables take place in Mkhitar Sebastatsi Fine Arts
College. Public presentations will take place in Gallery One.

For more information, including abstracts for papers and biographies,
please, log on to our website at www.naac.am

The Project is Supported by Open Society Institute

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