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Wed Jan 28 18:22:47 CET 2009

Begin forwarded message: 
> Hi All, 
> We’re looking for someone who’ll read this and say “that’s me!” If  
> you think you know that person, please pass this along. 
> Thanks! 
> -M 
> PS – Regarding questions of salaries and visas, Ars Electronica has  
> a long history of bringing in artists and technologists for  
> extended periods. Details aren’t yet locked down with our post, but  
> it is safe to assume that this position will pay enough to live  
> well in Linz. 
> +++++ 
> 80plus1.org Seeks Full-Time Online Content Director 
> Linz, Austria 
> Now through September 2009 
> 80plus1, a unique international event this summer in Linz, Austria,  
> is immediately seeking a full-time online content director from now  
> until September 10 to create a rich and interactive web presence  
> that builds communities of interest around 20 global themes [http:// 
> www.80plus1.org/themes.php ]. We're looking for "Web 2.0 geek"  
> meets Kofi Annan. 
> 80plus1 is a "telematic redux" of Jules Verne's "Around the World  
> in 80 Days", using state of the art interactive and network  
> technologies to create an 80(+1) day virtual journey, including  
> live "visits" and commissioned art projects in Argentina,  
> Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Finland, Gaza, India, Israel, Mali, S  
> Africa, and Switzerland, among other places, to stimulate and  
> provoke discussion around our global themes. 
> 80plus1 is an EU Culture Capital event [ http://www.linz09.info/ ]  
> produced by Ars Electronica [ http://www.aec.at/ ]. 
> Qualifications: 
> ·     You have a strong interest in and familiarity with  
> international topics and current events. 
> ·     You are familiar with (and ideally participate in) several  
> global online communities. 
> ·     You are able to quickly research, digest, and clearly present  
> large amounts of information in a fun and engaging way. 
> ·     Your friends and family tell you that you spend too much time  
> on your: blog, podcast, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Google Maps,  
> Twitter, etc. 
> ·     You are able to edit and post a video, a podcast, 10 twitter  
> messages, 20 photos, and two blog posts in a single day without  
> hesitation. 
> ·     You would enjoy spending several months in Linz, Austria – on  
> the Danube and Europe's 2009 cultural capital - thru September 09. 
> Key Areas of Responsibility: 
> The 80plus1 website will have three phases from now until the  
> event's culmination in early September. 
> Now – March 1. A completely re-designed 80plus1 website will launch  
> on March 1. The online content director will work with the web  
> development team to ensure that the website's content is in place  
> prior to launch. Initial duties include: 
> ·     Become familiar with the interactive art installations,  
> school exchange projects, and other events, and brainstorm an  
> effective online presence. 
> ·     Curate and edit 40 - 50 concise static pages that aggregate  
> the most relevant resources, information, communities, and  
> campaigns related to each of the selected themes and locations. 
> ·     Write five introductory blog posts which build a narrative  
> and audience for the website. 
> March 1 - June 16. The 80plus1 event will take place in Linz's main  
> square from June 17 through September 5. Prior to the event itself,  
> however, the online content director will be responsible for  
> provoking discussion and building communities of interest around 20  
> key themes. This will require at least one blog post per day as  
> well as reaching out to existing communities and encouraging their  
> participation. 
> June 17 - September 10. The content director will serve as "online  
> ambassador" between the daily events taking place in Linz's main  
> square and the online community that has been cultivated since  
> February. In addition to the art installations in the main square,  
> each week will include a series of events like school-to-school  
> interactions, expert talks, concerts, and meals. The online content  
> director will be expected to help integrate the online presence  
> with the main square display, and to attend and document these  
> events on the website. 
> It is the perfect gig for the perfect person, but the sooner the  
> better. Please email a brief letter of interest and your CV  
> tomichael at naimark.net .

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