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Wed Jan 21 14:01:59 CET 2009

 Moderna galerija/Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, invites curators to
enter for the

 Igor Zabel Competition

 The winning project will be realized in June 2009 at the Mala
galerija (Slovenska cesta 35).

 The Igor Zabel Competition is an annual event dedicated to curatorial
research in contemporary art. As a longstanding curator at Moderna
galerija Igor Zabel emphasised the importance of the dialogue,
heterogeneous identities, transparency and contextual captivity of the
 Mala galerija (Small Gallery) is a highly frequented free access
exhibition space in the centre of Ljubljana that is operated by
Moderna galerija. It serves as a venue for artists' personal
presentations as well as for innovative presentation methods that
enable artists and curators to work closer together. As the projects
are conceived especially for the space in Mala galerija each and every
project is unique. Over the last decades Mala galerija has hosted
exhibitions by numerous internationally renowned artists as well as
the most prominent guest curators from all over the world.

 Your entry must include:

 -          a description of the proposed project
 -          a concept of the show or an outline of a short catalogue essay,
 -          your biographical data,
 -          a financial break-down of the costs,
 -          and visual documentation.

 (The documentation will not be returned.)

 Please send your entries by regular mail to Moderna galerija,
Tomsiceva 14, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, by 1 March 2009, with the
annotation "Za Termin Igorja Zabela" on the envelope.

 The proposals will be reviewed by an international panel, and the
selection made by 15 March 2009.

 Additional information: Igor Spanjol, phone +386-1-24 16 841,
igor.spanjol at mg-lj.si

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