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Do NOT Touch The Internet
Citizens Ready For A Fight Across The European Union

The privatization of the Internet could be decided in the next few weeks.
On May 5th, the European Parliament will vote on a package of measures
which will affect the national laws of all EU countries.

The European Parliament is about to give up our rights to an open access to
the Internet to protect the interests of Entertainment and Communications
multinationals. A civil campaign by organizations of the whole European
Community will be simultaneously launched tonight in order to prevent the
privatization of the Internet and to defend the democratic right to access
to information and digital tools.

This campaign includes:
1 - An informative website explaining what the so called "
Telecommunications Package ", which is about to be voted on in the European
Parliament, is, why it is so dangerous for the future of citizens. the
impact on their daily economy, as well as useful information and tools
created by citizens for citizens, including open letters, press releases, a
blog and video material:
http: // www.blackouteurope.eu/

2 - A letter to members of the European Parliament that it is being sent by
hundreds of organizations and citizens (one Euro Parliamentarian recognized
that they are receiving as many as 200 letters a day):

3 - An automatic system that allows citizens to send the letter directly to
all the Members of the European Parliament:

4 - A system to monitor their vote in the matter:


5 - A Europe wide casting for “grandmothers” to create an inter-European
viral video:

Take Part!

“Grandma, help them as they do not know what they are doing". On the
occasion of the vote in the European parliament of the Telecoms package on
May 5, a video contest has been launched on YouTube. This is to remind
members of the European Parliament that they need our vote in June. The
Internet still provides us with the tools to watch and judge their actions.
And we need this to continue.

Find out:
Do not allow the European Parliament to privatize the Internet! Act now!
Tomorrow it is too late!

We Still Can Put Pressure On Them - We Gave Them Our Vote - We Vote Again
In June. Remind Members Of The European Parliament! "
Spread the info

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