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> Subject: Graduation Thesis about Cinema
> Have you written a graduation thesis about cinema?
> AIAF LAB promotes a new cultural activity: the PROJECT FOR AN  
>  which collects thesis as alternative cultural heritage,  
> specifically of the cinematographic industry!
> This initiative aims to valorize individual work as graduates'  
> intellectual and original expression, giving furthermore the  
> possibility to let the elaboration stand out, to contribute to the  
> development of cinematographic knowledge and to the circulation of  
> unique texts.
> The proposal is non profit making and all collected material will be  
> freely and free of charge at your disposal for the consultation.
> Following you will find the issued circular and in attachment you'll  
> find the acquaintance.
> For the complete circular please visit the link:
> www.asolofilmfestival.it/2009/graduation_thesis.pdf
> ****************************
> The degree thesis does not only mean the final step of the  
> university career, but for the greatest part of people it is the  
> most elaborated written work of the whole study career. Often this  
> important work, result of sacrifice, time, long researchers, is put  
> aside and is not recognized as the cultural and intellectual  
> maturity of a person, even less as a contribute to culture.
> Furthermore, cinematographic degree courses are not taken into  
> consideration, notwithstanding the great importance of this sector  
> in Italy.
> Under this considerations, AIAF LAB proposes to build an archive  
> completely dedicated to graduation thesis about cinema and let it be  
> freely available for consultation. This way students will have the  
> possibility to let their own work be known between all cinema fans  
> and everybody who knows and collaborates with A.I.A.F., even then  
> professionals and experts.
> The main goal of the project is the creation of an archive that  
> collects exclusively graduation thesis about cinema as an  
> alternative cultural heritage, specific of the cinematographic sector.
> AIAF LAB wishes furthermore:
> ·         giving recognition to all cinema schools and university  
> courses;
> ·         valorizing individual work for degree thesis as graduates’  
> intellectual and original expression, who are about to finish their  
> university career;
> ·         giving the possibility to graduates to let their elaborate  
> distinguish and to contribute to a new initiative and to the  
> development of cinematographic knowledge;
> ·         letting the diffusion of original and unique texts as  
> cultural heritage be easier between people interested in the  
> industry, students, graduates, cinema fans;
> ·         putting together film and art catalogue archive with a  
> more exhaustive cinema texts section.
> The initiative is non profit making and all collected material will  
> be available freely and free of charge for the consultation.
> We kindly require interested students to send a papery or digital  
> copy of their graduation thesis to the following address:
> Foresto Vecchio, 8
> 31011 Asolo (TV)
> Italy
> The delivery of the material has to be entirely on students’ charge,  
> with no possibility for AIAF LAB to pay any postal charges. We  
> realize we ask a big contribution but, since the initiative is  
> completely free of charge and resources are very few, we are sure  
> you will understand the lack of possibility for us to afford such  
> charges.
> All graduates who will contribute to the creation of the archive  
> will be publicly thanked on our website.
> Once the collection of thesis begins, we will start to archive, in  
> order to let the consultation be easily accessible to everybody, and  
> to public and introduction on-line. It will be always possible to  
> consultate thesis free of charge. If you eventually would like to  
> copy a thesis up to 15% of the whole text, the author’s agreement  
> will be required.
> We thank for the kind attention and stay at your disposal for any  
> further information.
> TEL: +39 0423 1995235 – 36  mediateca at asolofilmfestival.it  www.asolofilmfestival.it
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> Foresto Vecchio, 8 - 31011 Asolo (TV) Italy
> Tel. +39 0423 1995235 / 36 – E-mail mediateca at asolofilmfestival.it> Sito web www.asolofilmfestival.it
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