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Mon Apr 13 19:57:45 CEST 2009

Dear friends,

It is our pleasure to inform you about the 
workshop on Preservation of audiovisual and 
digital art we organise in Prague in May.

We would be happy if you decide to participate. 
We would also greatly appreciate if you could 
please recommend these events in person to your 
colleagues and friends, or just to post them to 
your contact lists. Thank you in advance for your 
kind help and time.

Best regards,
Aurélie Besson


Workshop on Preservation
Supported by the MEDIA Training Programme of the European Union.

An exceptional opportunity to meet with 
international leaders in the fields of 

CIANT_International Centre for Art and New 
Technologies in collaboration with FAMU presents:

Preservation techniques and methodologies for digital and audiovisual records
Prague, Czech Republic
May 20-23, 2009

Among the speakers from 7 countries:

Richard Wright from BBC (UK)
Dalit Naor from IBM (Israel)
Richard Rinehard from the UC Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive (USA)
Don Foresta, Research artist and theoretician in art (USA/France)
Oliver Grau (DE), Danube University.

Limited number of participants :18  / Apply as soon as possible!!!

more information: <http://transistor.ciant.cz/>transistor.ciant.cz

Video of previous TransISTor: 

What do you do to preserve your organisation's digital and AV records?

With the world wide growth of digital information 
we as a people now have a new problem, there is a 
mass of data that must be stored and interpreted 
permanently. There is a strong risk that we will 
lose a good deal of our data, both that which is 
digital and that which is not yet digitalized.

Today many of our processes become obsolete 
quickly and are replaced by new storage process, 
so that we need numerous systems to access all 
our old data. How well we can access our legacy 
of data will have important consequences in our 
organization's ability to retain our information 
capital as well as our Human cultural heritage.

Currently new techniques of archiving and 
retrieving of audiovisual records are being 
developed and are resulting in new methods for 
the retention of capital of audiovisual 
information and the preservation and access of 
films, videos and interactive media.

Among the lecturers:

Richard Wright (UK): Senior Researcher, BBC Research and Development
BBC project manager on European Commission 
projects PrestoPRIME (digital audiovisual 
preservation) and PrestoSpace (audiovisual 
preservation technology for Europe).

Richard Rinehard (USA): Digital Media Director at 
the UC Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive 
in California
He is Associate Director for Public Programs of 
the Berkeley Center for New Media and is a new 
media artist. Richard has exhibited his art at 
Exit Art in New York and elsewhere; curated 
digital art exhibitions for the Berkeley Art 
Museum, New Langton Arts in San Francisco, and 
others; and he has taught digital art at UC 
Berkeley and beyond.

Don Foresta (USA/FR): Research artist and theoretician in art
He is using new technologies as creative tools 
specializing in the network as an artistic space. 
He is now a Visiting Research Associate at the 
London School of Economics and professor at the 
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts - Paris/Cergy. 
He has been working for over 25 years developing 
the network as an artistic tool and is presently 
coordinating a permanent high band-width network, 
MARCEL, for artistic, educational and cultural 

Contact us: "transistor2009[AT]ciant[DOT]cz" or:

CIANT_International Centre for Art and New Technologies
Kubelíkova 27
130 00 Praha 3

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