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nebojsa milikic n_milikic at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 9 16:33:33 CEST 2009

I want to inform you about terrible things that are going on here, in 
Belgrade. Namely, the city government, preparing for he next 
Universiade (to be held in Belgrade from 1-12 July) is violently 
displacing Roma from the surrounding of The Belleville housing 
complex, which is planned to host the sportists and, after the "great 
sport event" - get turned into a gentry fortress... here are some 
links with more information and images...


in this action the "democratic" city government showed such a racism, 
mercyless cruelty and hatered that we are all shocked and depressed 
here... protests were held, plannes for defense are getting more 
clear and now we would very much welcome some externall support... 
what we would appreciate is an extensive pressure to the national 
comitees of the International University Sports Federation (FISU). I 
suppose that no sportist or even a clerk would calmly follow the 
bulldogers and rasistic attitude and agenda that city government 
employed here. They are now trying to throw Romas in some distant 
suburb, where  "people" are instantly burning the containers planned 
to host them... Our present proposal (in the situation where some 40 
families are still sleeping outside on the gorund) is that they get 
accommodation in the Bellevile complex, which is not that hard since 
it contains two thousand appartments 
http://www.belville.rs/eng/belville.jsp  ... so, we would strongly 
appreciate if the national comitees symbolically agree that Romas get 
some accommodation there during the games - since city government 
explains all the time that it is impossible - insisting on the 
necessary comfort of participants... in fact, the real combination is 
that they send their agreement for something that city government 
didn't ask the agreement for : ) if you know what I mean...

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