[artinfo] Live audio-visual event by Ro Archive

cristiana radu_cristiana at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 18 23:26:36 CEST 2008

Live audio-visual event  by Ro Archive 
Brazda lui Novac 
Sylent Strike & Cycler  
@Biezenwal 3, Maastricht, Netherlands

Saturday 20th September 
21.00- 23.00.

"Brazda lui Novac" is a project established in 1997 by Victor Popescu.
He started making music using a computer and a DOS based software
called Fasttracker II, while studying Architecture in Bucharest. He has
an  industrial/punk/shoegaze background, and he also used to play
guitar from time to time with his friends, before he started his solo
project. "Brazda lui Novac" means "A furrow of Novac" and it's the name
of the district in his hometown Craiova, where he grew up. This name is
also related to a nice local legend about a giant called Novac

    and his gigantic sword. In 1998,
Victor decided that he prefers sound to architecture, and started
working in a studio in Bucharest, doing music and sound design for
commercials and sometimes working for movies. In 2003 he started his
own studio called "Square sound studio". In the time when almost
everyone replaced the hardware synthesizers with software synths and
samplers, Victor started using more and more hardware, entrusting his
music with a certain physical feel, really hard to find nowadays. He
likes Autechre and Aphex Twin

    and you can spot that in his
music, but you will also notice his strange East-European underground
roots, which is making his music so unique. The "Brazda lui Novac"
style ranges from melodic synth effects to collages of 80's industrial,
techno and punk sound, often mingled with dream pop, everything brought
up-to-date in the most intimate IDM style. He has been performing live
in collective events in Romania (Rokolectiv and Avmotional) as well as
in events abroad such as the one held on  25 oct. 2007 for the Jindrich
Chalupecky prize in Roxy Nod Prague.

cultural project RO_ARCHIVE, initiated by architect and visual artist
Iosif Kiraly under the aegis of the Bucharest National University of
Arts, puts forward a dynamic team of curators, artists, and
sociologists, some of which are still MA or doctoral students: Raluca
Nestor, Raluca Ionescu, Cristiana Radu, Anca Mihulet, Bogdan Bordeianu,
Michele Bressan, Bogdan Girbovan, Cosmin Moldovan, Simona Dumitriu.   

initiative has as its primary goal the de/reconstruction of recent
Romania and the construction of a cultural archive of texts and images
at its core. 

puts together a proposal centered on the model of the Postmodern and
Post-structuralist archive. The modernist collection of cultural
objects preserved as testimony of an identitary past becomes nowadays
form of artistic expression, over-encompassing factor, or filter of
cultural redundancy. No longer limited by its condition as treasurer of
the past, the archive is free to be a part of the mapping of the
present and the facilitation of the new.

an initiative financed by the Romanian Ministry of Culture through
Promocult programme, is based on a network of international
partnerships that ensures the promotion in the E.U. of the results of
RO_ARCHIVE, of a selection of projects by established artists as well
as national collaborations such as the one established with the
association Vector from Iasi. There is also a successful collaboration
with the Contemporary Art Gallery of the Brukenthal Museum in Sibiu,
venue that hosted the first exhibition RO_ARCHIVE and has also
suggested furthering this partnership in the future.

is an original and multidisciplinary proposal because it involves a
novel method of promotion of young Romanian artists as well as a link
between the facilities of new media (the large impact of dissemination
and promotion through the Internet and young audience's responsiveness
to audio-video performances), a consistent curatorial programme and an
openness to both traditional and experimental techniques (interactive
art, hypermedia, urban cultural practices - DJ-ing, VJ-ing, WebJ-ing,
experimental and electronic music).


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