[artinfo] Submission deadline postponed

EMERGEANDSEE listserver at emergeandsee.org
Wed Oct 1 19:26:13 CEST 2008

Dear filmmakers,

we have received a lot of film submissions from all over the world. 
We are especially pleased that many films are submitted for the 
special "East-West" competition, so it seems you have a lot to say 
about this.

However, we have heard from quite some people that they are in the 
middle of finishing their summer projects. "Is it very bad if I 
submit my film a couple of days late?" they ask. Well, it isn't. But 
chances should be equal for everyone. So, there you go: the deadline 
for film submissions in both competitions is postponed to 1st 
November 2008. It's the post stamp, that counts.

So, keep those films coming... and get the chance to win our acclaimed
prize "The Eye".



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