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Albert Braun Albert.Braun at novia.fi
Sun Nov 23 18:52:58 CET 2008

Curators for Sale

The artist group finnfemfel (Marcus Lerviks, Oskar Lindström, Albert
Braun) with the project _Curators for Sale_ is still involved in ARTmART
until 23rd of November 08 in Künstlerhaus in Vienna. ARTmART is an
exhibition, art market for both new buyers and collectors, meeting place
for artists and international network.

In the project _Curators for Sale_ finnfemfel switches the roles in the
delicate relationship between artists and curators, in a very practical
and undramatic way. The participating curators become producers of art
while finnfemfel acting as the curator, initiator and broker. The
curators taking part in the project are Marketta Seppälä, FRAME,
Helsinki, Mika Hannula, Berlin, Zsuzsa Laszlo & Dora Hegyi, Budapest,
Dan Holm, Vaasa, Finland, Tomas Ivan Träskman, Helsinki and Valentin
Rothmaler, Plön, Germany. Curators for Sale! is the start of future
projects that enhance and look at the phenomenon from different

Berlin / Finland

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