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e-artnow presents: IDENSITAT#5 | OPEN CALL FOR PROJECTSIDENSITAT is an arts project that investigates ways to impact upon the public sphere through creative proposals that work in relation to place and territory and their physical and social dimensions.

IDENSITAT positions itself as a networked production and research space, developed in the field of art, to experiment with new forms of involvement and interaction in social space.

ID #5 / Introduction

ID #5. The fifth edition of the project will be developed between the end of 2008 and 2010. While in former editions a specific theme was proposed, the methodology that IDENSITAT has been rehearsing along its 10 years of life is now synthesized in the initials ID. The project, pioneered in Calaf in the year 1999, has evolved, spreading a network of collaborations throughout different locations, while seeking out methodologies for the interaction of projects of creation with social, cultural and political contexts of differentiated shades. In this way, IDENSITAT, originally a platform for the production of projects impacting upon public space, has been transformed into an itinerant production space, roaming throughout the territory with projects that promote analysis and proposals for transformation in their environment. ID refers to this transformation.

ID is Identity | Density, Investigate | Develop - Invent | Discover - Involve | Denounce - Interrogate | Discuss - Innovation | Decrease.

ID #5 / Call for projects

ID opens an international call for projects directed to creators with proposals in the sphere of public space. The involved contexts are Calaf and Manresa. ID #5 will also stage parallel activities in Mataró (Can Xalant), Priorat (Priorat Centre d'Art), and Prat de Llobregat. 

The open call for projects has two categories:

Production projects

Public spaces as well as public domain are concepts for discussion and in continuous updating. ID is an open laboratory for investigating these aspects and the projects are understood to be research works in this area. Therefore, ID calls for projects that intervene in public space and seek for interaction among different social sectors; projects that outline contemporary strategies for creation, incorporating specific aspects of the context, and/or which display actions of communication in their environment. Projects are invited based on their medium or long term working processes. Others are projects that intervene in a more specific or ephemeral way while using the infrastructures, means or existing mechanisms in the territory.

The open call for production projects concerns the cities of Calaf and Manresa. 

This edition in particular incorporates a project in Prat de Llobregat. The project will intervene in a specific space that the Town Hall plans to develop (For more specific information regarding each site please refer to www.idensitat.net).

Documentation-archive projects

ID also calls for projects carried out in other contexts, in progress or considered for publication, as well as theoretical works from parties interested in participating in IDENSITAT as a mechanism for diffusion and analysis of projects. This will be done through a specialized publishing work.The specific publication will take the format of a book, articulating a set of projects and theoretical essays.


The final date for submission of proposals is January 9, 2009. 

Information about material to be submitted along with the proposals is posted on our website, www.idensitat.net

It is preferable that the proposals are in digital format and sent by electronic mail to: idensitat at idensitat.net

In case the project needs to be sent by post (please notify it first to the above e-mail address), please send it to the following postal address:

IDENSITAT - Ajuntament de Calaf
Placa Gran, 2. E-08280 CALAF

Prospective participants sending proposals, by email or postal service, do so at their own risk. Proposals not selected for development may be collected from the Town Council of Calaf once the organization has made its final selections public.

The selected works and the corresponding projects will remain the property of the author or authors. Reproduction will be permitted for all publications promoted by IDENSITAT, and for display on its web page, as well as in all broadcast materials relating to IDENSITAT. Works produced for this edition of IDENSITAT must mention this when presented publicly out of the programme.

IDENSITAT, together with the town councils of Calaf and Manresa will incorporate in their public archives all the documentation generated by IDENSITAT #5.

IDENSITAT #5 is administered by the non-profit organization Idensitat, Association of Contemporary Art. It is promoted by the Town Council of Calaf, the Town Council of Manresa, Generalitat de Catalunya, Diputacio de Barcelona and includes the participation of Can Xalant, Center of Creation and Contemporary Thought of Mataró, Priorat Centre d'Art, Town Council of Prat de LLobregat and Consonni.

IDENSITAT will assume that all applicants have read thoroughly, understood and accepted the above-noted conditions.

For any further information, please contact: idensitat at idensitat.net | www.idensitat.net

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