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Subject: CONF: Art / Knowledge (Wien, 20 Nov 08)
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Subject: Art / Knowledge. Between Epistemology and Production Aesthetics

Art / Knowledge.
Between Epistemology and Production Aesthetics

Symposium | 20.11.2008, 2.00 p.m. - 7.00 p.m.
Venue | Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna,
Great Hall

Participants | Sabine Flach, Tom Holert, Caroline A. Jones, Felicitas
Thun-Hohenstein, Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen
Conception | Tom Holert

Situating the visual arts in the perspective of knowledge and knowledge
production automatically entails a re-visioning of the actors within the
field of arts as actors within the socalled societies of knowledge. This
epistemological shift necessitates a ?staking of a claim¹ regarding the
status, specificity and styles of artistic knowledge so they may be
instated as topics of a research practice that can be regarded as both
scientifically and artistically based. The envisioned research platform
"art/knowledge" at the Academy of Fine Arts is to dedicate itself
determinedly to the epistemic and cognitive processes that are initiated
and designed by the visual arts.
Art production as such is intended of central focus within the research
programme - both as an aesthetic and social practice of knowledge. The
international conference "Art/Knowledge. Between Epistemology and
Production Aesthetics" will discuss key concepts in the debates around
"artistic research" and the relationship of art and science, furthermore
aiming to demonstrate contemporary social conditions involved in the
production and distribution of knowledge.

Program and information:


]a[ akademie der bildenden künste wien

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