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Subject: Telekommunisten 2008 Dialstation Reimplementation
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I am very happy to announce another major milestone in Venture Communism
with the new release of Dialstation.
Many thanks again to my Telekommunisten colleagues and to all the 
others who made this possible with their help and advice.
Please help us spread the word by forwarding, posting or blogging 
this announcement.
Please note that this is a very new release of a completely 
reimplemented system, we appreciate your help in working out the bugs.
Don't just sit there, call someone!

Dmytri Kleiner.

PS:  Dialstation works by call-back outside of Germany, so when you call,
it will by busy, hang-up and Dialstation will call you back.


Dialstation 2008 Launch


May 1st, 2008
International Day of Workers Solidarity

The Revolution is Calling


Dialstation is the ideal way to make international calls from your
mobile telephone. Inexpensive and convenient, Dialstation works with any
normal telephone and does not require any special software.

Epoch-defining revolutionary changes in transportation and
communication, along with the growth of the informal economy and
trans-local communities are changing the world. Many of us have friends,
family and business contacts in different countries. Communicating
internationally is increasingly a daily fact of life.

In order to make international calling affordable, new ways of calling
have emerged. Most people have heard of Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Calling
Cards, however each of these have their drawbacks. VoIP requires you to
make your calls from a computer or IP telephone, which is not always
possible. Calling cards are not always available, and cumbersome.

Dialstation is a prepaid calling service designed to be used from your
landline or mobile phone.

Dialstation gives you Personal Direct Numbers for the people you
call most often. A Personal Direct Number is a unique phone number
that you can save in your contact book. You can use the PDN to
reach this person simply by telephoning directly to it, as
often as you like, with no codes or calling card numbers to remember.

Dialstation is very inexpensive. Rates to many countries, such as China,
Argentina, Venezuela, Australia, the USA and Canada are less than 1
cent per minute (0.58). Most European Landlines are also just 1 Euro
cent perminute. Mobile telephones in most European countries are 14
Euro cents per minute. Calls to Russia and Brazil are less than 5
Euro cents. Calling India is just 6 Euro cents per minute.

Check our website to find the detailed rates for your common destinations.


To get you started, your first calls are free!

Telekommunisten is a Berlin-based Canadian/German worker-owned 
technology company.


Telekommunisten is 100% worker-owned. We are committed to free software,
social justice, environmnetal protection, international development and
building a worker-controlled economy.

We believe that capitalism and the resulting global dominance of
undemocratic corporations are the source of poverty, inequality, war and
environmental catastrophe.

We believe a solution can be found in workers autonomously organizing
their own production. Without the theft of labour's product, the oligarchs
would not have the wealth to control corrupt politicians and fund immoral wars.

We believe that only socialism can create a truly free market.

When you use Dialstation, you support our work. We need your help to
spread the word. Please forward this announcement to where interest 
may be found.

The Revolution is Calling.

For more information please see: http://www.dialstation.com

Dmytri Kleiner
editing text files since 1981



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