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Greetings Autonogram recipients,

Some quick but (conditionally) great news, later than I'd like to give it,
but it's never too late (!!!), and there's more Autonomedia news to follow
very shortly...

For those of you already in the know, apologies for the belated enthusiasm.

+ + +

April 21, 2008


Buffalo, NY - A process that has taken nearly four years may be coming to
an end. On Monday, April 21, Federal Judge Richard J. Arcara ruled to
dismiss the indictment against University at Buffalo Professor of Visual
Studies Dr. Steven Kurtz.

In June 2004, Professor Kurtz was charged with two counts of mail fraud
and two counts of wire fraud stemming from an exchange of $256 worth of
harmless bacteria with Dr. Robert Ferrell, Professor of Human Genetics at
the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.

Dr. Kurtz planned to use the bacteria in an educational art exhibit about
biotechnology with his award-winning art and theater collective, Critical
Art Ensemble.

Professor Kurtz' lawyer, Paul Cambria, said that his client was "pleased
and relieved that this ordeal may be coming to an end."

The prosecution has the right to appeal this dismissal. How the
prosecution will proceed is unknown at this time. If an appeal were
undertaken the case would move to the New York Second Circuit Court of
Appeals in New York City.

Lucia Sommer, Coordinator of the CAE Defense Fund, which raises funds for
Kurtz' legal defense, said, "We are all grateful that after reviewing this
case, Judge Arcara took appropriate action." She added that "this decision
is further testament to our original statements that Dr. Kurtz is
completely innocent and never should have been charged in the first place."


Critical Art Ensemble (which Kurtz co-founded in 1987 with Steven Barnes)
has won numerous awards for its bio-art, including the prestigious 2007
Andy Warhol Foundation Wynn Kramarsky Freedom of Artistic Expression
Grant, honoring more than two decades of distinguished work. The group has
been commissioned to exhibit and perform in many of the world's cultural
institutions-including the London Museum of Natural History; The ICA,
London; the Whitney Museum and the New Museum in NYC; the Corcoran Museum
of Art in Washington, DC; Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt; Musée d'Art
Moderne de la Ville de Paris; der Volksbüne, Berlin; ZKM, Karlsruhe; El
Matadero, Madrid; Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki; Museo de Arte
Carrilo Gil, Mexico City and many more.

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