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>i love Italia: news about the Italian contemporary art scene from UnDo.Net
> Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome
> June 18 to September 14 2008
> XV Quadriennale d'arte di Roma
> One hundred artists, to understand where contemporary Italian art is 
> going; with a tribute to Luciano Fabro. The Quadriennale exhibitions 
> periodically document the most significant trends in current art "made in 
> Italy". In this sense, they are a sort of seismograph that record the 
> movements of our artistic activity, help understanding the most 
> significant occurrences in the field of visual arts, and provide an idea 
> of the possible future evolutions. Each edition is characterized by a 
> specific connotation, the critical part of the 15th Quadriennale has been 
> entrusted to a Commission of five curators and art historians who have 
> chosen to focus on the 1990s-2000s years, and to devote particular 
> attention to young and mid-career artists who started to gain notice 
> during this period. They are all participating with a recent work, in many 
> cases created specifically for the occasion or in situ.
> http://undo.net/cgi-bin/press.pl?id=1212666640
> Piccolo e Grande Miglio del Castello, Brescia
> June 13 to September 14 2008
> Vanessa Beecroft
> "Somewhere in the World" is the theme of the International Biennale of 
> Photography held in prestigious venues in the city of Brescia from 12th 
> June to 14th September 2008. One of the highlights of this edition is a 
> solo exhibition by Vanessa Beecroft in collaboration with Galleria Massimo 
> Minini and Galleria Lia Rumma. She presents her latest work on Darfur, 
> photographs of last year's performance at Pescheria di Rialto during the 
> 52nd Biennale in Venice and a series of photos taken in Sudan. The term 
> "tableau vivant" has often been used to describe the images of 
> performances created by Beecroft. The artist delved into this concept in 
> Venice, realising it by painting an enormous canvas with imitation blood 
> splattered on the bodies of thirty African women lying on it. VB South 
> Sudan is a project launched in 2005 during a trip by the artist to Sudan.
> http://undo.net/cgi-bin/press.pl?id=1212657305
> Castello di Rivoli, Rivoli (TO)
> June 9 to August 31 2008
> For a photography collection
> A selection of photographic works that have been included in the GAM 
> collection. The exhibition is designed around 120 works, which have been 
> selected from the CRT fund, and provides a significant outlook on the work 
> of eight artists: Claudio Abate, Aurelio Amendola, Gianni Berengo Gardin, 
> Sandro Becchetti, Luigi Ghirri, Mario Giacomelli, Francesco Jodice and Ugo 
> Mulas. Names that belong to different generations of artists: from the one 
> that emerged in the Fifties, setting landmark reference points for the 
> photographic research that followed, to the more recent generation of 
> photographers that came into the limelight at the end of the century 
> having to face a new concept of image, as well as the new photographic 
> means of expressions brought forth by digital processes and electronic 
> image recording and elaboration.
> http://undo.net/cgi-bin/press.pl?id=1212681263
> SMS Contemporanea (ex-Palazzo delle Papesse), Siena
> June 6 to October 10 2008
> Gordon Matta-Clark
> The show opens in a new venue for the Centre, shortly to be moved from the 
> Palazzo delle Papesse to the museum hub of Santa Maria della Scala, 
> situated opposite the Sienese Cathedral. The exhibition is the first to be 
> devoted to the "anarchitect" Matta-Clark in Italy, and one of the most 
> important ever realized in Europe. The aim of the show is to propose a 
> reconstruction of the artist's varied and prolific career, ranging between 
> the most diverse languages and forms of expression from the end of the 
> Sixties until his premature demise in 1978. The itinerary, while following 
> a chronological order, is structured around themes and groups of works; it 
> includes the almost complete filmography of the artist around which the 
> exhibition itinerary was conceived, as a demonstration of the artist's 
> versatile power of innovation of the media as well as the impact of his 
> performances and public interventions.
> http://undo.net/cgi-bin/press.pl?id=1212506972
> Museion, Bolzano
> Until September 21, 2008
> Peripheral vision and collective body
> The museum of modern and contemporary art in Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy) 
> inaugurates its new building designed by the Berlin architects KSV Krueger 
> Schuberth Vandreike. Museion will be an international laboratory for 
> research with an interdisciplinary focus, the activation of the collection 
> finds its full expression in the opening show "Peripheral vision and 
> collective body". The exhibition will gather numerous works from the 
> collection, including new acquisitions and important long-term loans from 
> private collectors, as well as loans from national and international 
> museums. The show discusses the question of the collective bodies in 
> contemporary visual art considering the tight relationship with 
> architecture and performance (dance in particular). Looking at how recent 
> artistic proposals have been informed by the American avant-gardes from 
> the post WW II period which themselves had activated some experimentation 
> from the German, Polish and Russian milieu of the early XX Cent
> ury. Over 200 works, including film, performance, documents and texts from 
> Meyerhold to contemporary art. Curated by Corinne Diserens.
> http://undo.net/cgi-bin/press.pl?id=1210791535
> Palazzo delle Arti, Napoli
> Until June 30
> L'impresa dell'arte (The Enterprise of Art)
> To what extent can art be considered as "capital", becoming a mirror of 
> the general economic situation, and a thermometer of current trends? This 
> is just one of the questions that will be raised at the first of a new 
> thematic cycle of events curated by Julia Draganovic and dedicated to the 
> "A common asset" exhibition. Naples is the city where Joseph Beuys and 
> Andy Warhol met 28 years ago. In their own manner, these artists caused a 
> radical change in the relationship between the production of artworks and 
> the economy. Their two apparently incompatible perspectives inspired the 
> reflections of the contemporary artists at The Enterprise of Art: 
> 010010100110.org, Guy Ben-Ner, Susanne Bosch, Shu Lea Cheang, Claude 
> Closky, Steven Cohen, Yevgeniy Fiks, Finger, Jean-Baptiste Ganne, Felix 
> Gonzalez-Torres, Christian Jankowski, Alessandro Ludovico - Paolo Cirio - 
> UBERMORGEN.COM, Sarah Morris, Danica Phelps, Tadej Pogacar, Roxy in the 
> box, Santiago Sierra.
> http://undo.net/cgi-bin/press.pl?id=1210670517
> Macro Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Rome
> Until August 31, 2008
> Three exhibitions
> A new site-specific work by the Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto, a large 
> installation that takes up the entire area of the Museum's glazed gallery, 
> forming a sort of floating architecture with organic and floral shapes. 
> The sculpture, which is attached to the gallery's glass roof trusses, is 
> suspended about one metre from the ground: sinuous shapes of Lycra with 
> the aromas and colours of spices. "Forget the Heroes" is the new project 
> by Paolo Chiasera which is destined for the Museum's Permanent Collection. 
> It presents three videos with the destruction of the life-size clay 
> statues of the iconic figures of Smith, Le Corbusier, Cray and Chomsky, 
> and close-ups of the artist's hands that hold a stick to mix up new 
> material in a trough. Gregor Schneider since 1985 has continued to 
> redesign, demolish and reconstruct the rooms and interiors of his house in 
> Rheydt, faithfully reproducing the premises, structures and architecture 
> in the places where he exhibits.
> http://undo.net/cgi-bin/press.pl?id=1210593844
> RAM radioartemobile, Roma
> Until July 31 2008
> Camere #6
> Works by Jimmie Durham, Luca Maria Patella, ManfreDu Schu. "For this 
> exhibition we may cite a combination of references whose staging becomes 
> the individual actuality of the artist. And where better than at RAM 
> radioartemobile, where each artist has his own specific and personal 
> space, can this individual dimension be shown to its best advantage? Here 
> the viewer establishes a special relationship with the artist's individual 
> space and interprets it as the pedestal on which the work rests; he 
> identifies with it in a personal, domestic response, as a direct 
> experience relating to his own space and life. We may view this exhibition 
> as the bringing together of three individual identities to be interpreted 
> as contextualized works, which become models of art as communication, 
> stimulating our own capacity for communication while offering diverse 
> meanings of art as representation." Jan Hoet (curator)
> http://undo.net/cgi-bin/press.pl?id=1211919554
> Perugi artecontemporanea, Padova
> Until September 20 2008
> Two exhibitions
> A Dearraindrop show is an encyclopaedic bazaar which exhibits everything 
> deliciously artificial which one might expect to find in a teenager's 
> bedroom, with a fantastic effect of barbaric chaos and irrepressible vital 
> exultation. Anything is possible in the magical kaleidoscopes they create, 
> in a jubilant explosion of forms and saturated fluorescent colours. 
> Dearraindrop is made up of young US artists (Billy Grant, Joe Grillo, 
> Laura Grant). Into the Project Room there is the first solo show in Europe 
> of Devin and Ian Flynn: Drawings (Ian) and animations (Devin). Ian is an 
> explosive and refined drawer while Devin makes animation for TV. A 
> concentrated of irreverences and transgression.
> http://undo.net/cgi-bin/press.pl?id=1211298078
> Manifesta 7: launch in Milan
> The videos contains abstracts from the the press conference at Fondazione 
> Pomodoro illustrating the upcoming exhibitions and announcing the list of 
> participating artists. In the first part the speech of Hedwig Fijen, 
> President of Comitato Manifesta 7 and Director International Foundation 
> Manifesta - Amsterdam; in the second part the intervention of Hila Peleg 
> and Anselm Franke, curators of the exhibition at Palazzo delle Poste di 
> Trento, and Fabio Cavallucci, Manifesta 7 Coordinator in Trento.
> http://undo.net/eventinvideo/99

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