[artinfo] info -another protest song

hegyi dora hegyidora1 at chello.hu
Wed Jul 30 18:06:40 CEST 2008

Given the continuing political climate, we feel
it is time for another protest song to be sung.

Upload and share your jam today!

Politically engaged music is not only a consequence of history or nostalgia,
but can be timely and pertinent commentary on our contemporary world.

Another Protest Song is a collaborative project which uses the social
networking space of the internet to archive and debate contemporary protest
music. The project went public in late May and has become a daily/weekly
growing archive with a number of original protest songs uploaded and shared
by you the user, and other ideological persuaders.

Fine tune your power chords, generate new lyrics and poetry, and set your
protest to song.

To upload, listen, and comment, check out http://www.anotherprotestsong.org

Another Protest Song is a project of Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere;
part of their continuing investigation of contemporary music, dissent,
and public fora. www.neurotransmitter.fm

The project archive will be included in Creative Time¹s Democracy in
America: The National Campaign, a national program investigating the
historic roots and practical manifestations of the American democratic
tradition. www.creativetime.org

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