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Wed Jul 30 09:33:56 CEST 2008

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

Today, I was to supposed speak in Singapore, for the second time in the 
ISEA symposium, on the topic “Border transmission”. The title of my talk 
“No Space For This Time” is inspired by the future World Fair 2010 in 
Shanghai. It made following a first presentation at ISEA 06 in 
California. And it is also the continuation of a theoretical artistic 
event which I made between Shanghai and Munich in 2005 on an aircraft 
moving above the borders.

As in 2005, then in 2006 and now in 2008, I have always taken contacts 
with the French embassies and other cultural institutions, as an artist 
and a theorist of arts and the new media who lives in Paris and is open 
to all the world. I never received any answers or support from these 
contacts either in 2005 (Shanghai), nor in 2006 (San Jose), nor at this 
moment in Singapore. In 2006, the French Embassy in San Francisco 
presented my participation in ISEA as being supported, just they are now 
doing in Singapore 2008 (*). This is completely false and has pushed me 
to cancel this trip to Asia. This desinformation of reality in the name 
a country's culture _ while at the same time, all is done in France to 
no longer support the electronic arts _ is symptomatic of this 
unacceptable current vision.

Afterwards, I will take part in another event in Indonesia and I can not 
be physically there. But as for ISEA, where my text was published, I 
will make another virtual proposal from Europe. Also from Paris, by my 
not physically coming to ISEA but also by this open letter, please 
believe, dear Colleagues and Friends, my sincere support for the 
development of technological arts in Asia and everywhere on the planet: 
in the name of intellectual freedom and of the creative originality… of 
human beings.

Franck Ancel
Paris 30th July, 2008.
info at franck-ancel.com

(*) http://www.ambafrance-sg.org/article.php3?id_article=1238

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