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     Dr. Dragan "David" Dabic was born some 60 years ago in a
     small Serbian village of Kovaci, near Kraljevo. As a young
     boy he liked to explore nearby forests and mountains,
     spending a lot of time on Kopaonik mountain where he tended
     to pick the omnipresent natural and potent medicinal herbs
     that grew there. As a young man he moved to Belgrade, and
     then on to Moscow where he graduated with a Psychiatry
     degree at the Moscow State University (Lomonosov). After
     Russia, Dr. Dabic travelled around India and Japan, after
     which he settled in China where he specialized in
     alternative medicine, with special emphasis on Chinese
     herbs. In mid 1990s Dr. Dabic returned back to mother Serbia
     for good.

     Ever since, Dr. Dabic emerged as one of the most prominent
     experts in the field of alternative medicine, bioenergy, and
     macrobiotic diet in the whole of the Balkans, and is
     frequent guest on many forums, seminars and symposiums
     (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Pancevo, Sombor, Smederevo...)
     dedicated to these topics.

     For panel invitations or private consultations Dr. Dragan
     Dabic can be reached at the following contact:

     healingwounds @ dragandabic . com

Archive.org has never heard of it, and Dreamhost will very likely
dump it soon, so I've archived a copy at the URL below.


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