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   International symposium
   production - keeping - presentation

   15 - 17 October 2008


   The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka organizes the
   international symposium (New) Media Art in Museums that will be held
   15 - 17 October 2008 at the City Hall in Rijeka.

   Expert Scientific Committee:
   dr Goran Zlodi, FF, Zagreb
   Marija Gattin, MSU, Zagreb
   Dalibor Martinis, APU, Zagreb

   Organisational Committee:
   Nata”a Ivanãeviç, MMSU
   Ljubica Dujmoviç Kosovac, MMSU
   Daina Glavoãiç, MMSU
   Darko Fritz, media artist, curator, Amsterdam
   Dan Oki, media artist, profesor UMAS

   The aim of the international symposium (New)Media Art in Museums is to
   consider status of (new)media art in museum collections, conditions of
   keeping, protection, modes of exhibiting and all the changes that
   (new) media art  introduces into the everyday practice of contemporary

   Special attention will be paid to the specifics regarding production
   and rights that evolve from interrelations between museum - author -
   agency - certified producer. By employing the main subject: What are
   new media? - the symposium will thematically process temporal
   definition, production, keeping and presenting of (new)media art, as
   well as artistic features and influences that new media and digital
   technologies exert on contemporary museum presentation practice.


     new media and cultural heritage

     production / artwork

     the diversity of museum material and the status of (new)media
     artworks in museum collections

     the conditions of keeping and the modes of exhibiting

     the museum in a role of producer, risks, rights and duties,
     experiences and prognoses

     the influence of technological development on museum institutions,
     interaction between (new)media - institution - artists

     global information system and museums

   Detail information on symposium:
   By organizing the symposium (New)Media Art in Museums we wish to
   stimulate colleagues from the museum profession and artists towards
   reflection, writing and discussion on interesting and actual subject
   of new and digital media, the various means in which the latter are
   implemented into museum activities and art creation, as well as their
   influence in forming the views on contemporary world.

   The symposium's subject is defined, yet opened towards problematizing
   the experiences and insights from both theory and practice.

   We take special interest in the present state of artworks from the
   countries  of the symposium's participants, as well as in
   institutional interest and actual artists. We hope for the high number
   of participants  as it will enable us to develop discussion, provide
   practical examples and create conditions for quality comparison. We
   wish to reach conclusions on situation both within the region and

   We take special interest in discussing the following subjects:
   -          relation between media and museums
   -          the percentage of representation of (new)media works in the
   specialized museums of visual art
   -          institutions' relation  to (new)media museum items
   -          author's rights (author and collaborators...)
   -          relation between original and copy (the number of copies,
   -          conservatorial procedures that are applied when a
   (new)media artwork is endangered due to a process in which it happens
   to be (keeping, outdated technology)

   Abstracts, papers:
   Besides five invited international experts we expect applications from
    museum professionals, artists and other interested experts from
   Croatia and abroad.
   We shall accept only the original, unpublished papers, previously not
   presented in public.
   Accepted works, presented at the symposium, will be published (with
   abstracts in English language) in both a printed and a CD-ROM edition
   by MMSU in 2009. The expositions will be presented orally, along with
   multimedia presentation.

   Official symposium languages are Croatian and English (with
   simultaneous translation).

   The application including personal data, a subject's title and an
   abstract (up to 200 words) should be sent not later than 20 August
   2008  by either:
   - mail at MMSU, Dolac 1/II, 51000 Rijeka (with a designation FOR
   - email at simpozij at mmsu.hr (with a designation  FOR SMYPOSIUM).

   Detail information on the symposium's program
   can be found at [1]http://www.mmsu.hr/.
   Final program of the symposium will be announced not later than 22
   September 2009

   Site of the symposium
   City Hall, City Government edifice , Korzo 16, Rijeka

   Participation fee
   For the participants from Croatia:
   600,00 kuna - both conference days (15 - 16 October 2008)
   300,00 kuna - students and pensioners (both conference
   300,00 kuna - single conference day (15 or 16 October 2008)

   Payments into bank account Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art,
   Erste Steiermäkische bank Rijeka, 2402006-1100260512, ref. no. 01
   designation: "kotizacija za simpozij"
   not later than 26 September 2008

   For the international participants:
   90 EUR - both symposium days (15 -16 October 2008)
   45 EUR - students and pensioners (both conference
   45 EUR - single conference day (15 or 16 October 2008)

   Participation fee should be paid into account:  Erste Steiermäkische
   bank Rijeka
   HR 1324020061100260512
   The optional program on 17 October 2008: an expert excursion to Istria
   (a price shall be defined according to the number of applicants)

   info, hotel registration, payments: agency  RiAk Tours, 51000 Rijeka,
   Verdijeva 4-6
   tel ++ 385 (0)51 312-312, 331-015, fax 312 333
                           [2]krasna.humski at ri-ak-tours.hr;

   MMSU contacts
   [4]natasa.ivancevic at mmsu.hr; [5]daina.glavocic at mmsu.hr;
   [6]ljubica.dujmovic at mmsu.hr; [7]vilma.bartolic at mmsu.hr

   e-mail: [8]simpozij at mmsu.hr
   phone: 00385 (0)51 492 612, 492 611
   Muzej moderne i suvremene umjetnosti / Museum of Modern and
   Contemporary Art
   Dolac 1/II, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia
   e-mail: [9]mmsu-rijeka at ri.t-com.hr

   We look forward to your response and participation!


   1. 3D"http://www.mmsu.hr/"
   2. 3D"mailto:krasna.humski at ri-ak-tours.hr"
   3. 3D"http://www.ri-ak-tours.hr/"
   4. 3D"mailto:natasa.ivancevic at mmsu.hr"
   5. 3D"mailto:daina.glavocic at mmsu.hr"
   6. 3D"mailto:ljubica.dujmovic at mmsu.hr"
   7. 3D"mailto:vilma.bartolic at mmsu.hr"
   8. 3D"mailto:simpozij at mmsu.hr"
   9. 3D"mailto:mmsu-rijeka at ri.t-com.hr"
  10. 3D"http://www.mmsu.hr/"

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