[artinfo] The journey of an open art call

benjamin benjamin at cultura3.net
Tue Jan 22 12:25:04 CET 2008

The journey of an open art call
paraflow D

The journey of an open art call is an initiative towards the  
illumination of the art's internet  communications network,  
reinitiated every third of the year.

This letter is a tracker, much as any chain mail. It's purpose is to  
gather information on the geographical structure, dynamic flows and  
cultural natures of the "art calls" communication network.

The information gathered will be developed into a database (unless  
participants request anonymous) which will be made available to those  
who have collaborated. It will also be developed into geographic  
cartography in as a part of efforts to try and further understanding  
of the network.

In order to participate, simply forward this letter to three email  
addresses which you associate with the "art calls" prerogative AND CC  
the paracarto at cultura3.net address with the mails. Any additional  
information such as the geographical location of receiving bodies and  
the names of the organization or individuals who maintain the  
addresses is most greatly appreciated as it will save time in  
researching such specifics.

Many thanks for any time you may spend over this matter.

artist/ researcher/ communications
cultura.3/ ART TECH Cultural Association/ [at]lab

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