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admits 2-4 new students to the programme leading to a Doctorate in Fine Arts

The application guidelines can be obtained from the office of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (tel. +358 9 680 3320, email office at kuva.fi ) or our website at http://www.kuva.fi/

The application period runs from 1 January to 29 February 2008. The applications should be returned by 3:45 pm on Friday 29 February 2008 to: Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Kasarmikatu 36, 00130 Helsinki, Finland. The admission results will be announced on 30 May 2008. The studies will commence in autumn 2008.

For further information please contact Ms Anna Herlin, Acting Planning Officer, tel. +358 9 680 33 234, email anna.herlin at kuva.fi

The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts has an internationally acclaimed Department of Postgraduate Studies, with pioneering work in artistic research and postgraduate studies. The degree of a Doctorate in Fine Arts was established in 1997.

Postgraduate studies in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts are based on artistic research where high-quality artistic work intertwines with theoretical research. Postgraduate students are experts in their own field, visual artists who apply research methods to their work. They are aware of their own method of expression and have an urge to study and develop the working methods and strategies related to artistic practice. The primary results of artistic research are artistic productions presented publicly. In addition, postgraduate students produce information about their own art works, the process of making and presenting them.

The aim of the postgraduate studies in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts is to give the students a profound understanding of their own field and the ability to produce high-quality artistic work that demonstrates their artistic maturity as well as to engage the students in independent, innovative artistic research in the field of their choice.

The students admitted to the Postgraduate Studies Programme leading to a Doctorate in Fine Arts are required to complete the postgraduate studies and successfully defend their dissertation in public. The studies are made up of 240 credit points.

Postgraduate Studies are run by the Postgraduate Studies Department, which currently has 23 postgraduate students.

Department of Postgraduate Studies:
Head of Department: Professor, Doctor in Fine Arts Jan Kaila
Visiting Professors: Artists Jan Svenungsson and Ray Langenbach
Postdoctoral Researcher: PhD Hanna Johansson
Senior Lecturer: Tuomas Nevanlinna
Assistant: Shoji Kato
Acting Planning Officer: Anna Herlin
firstname.lastname at kuva.fi

Further information on the Postgraduate Studies can be found at http://www.kuva.fi/ and in The Artist's Knowledge, a recent publication of the Department.

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