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Sound Art - Call for projects & residencies - summer 2008
--> Deadline 15th of March 2008

EUROPEAN SOUND DELTA is a mobile project on the Danube & Rhine Rivers  
focusing on radio-art using sounds of European cities. Two teams will  
be travelling on both rivers this summer, recording sounds, producing  
live performances and radio broadcasts with local sound-artists. A  
final exhibition is scheduled in Strasbourg-F by the end of September  
2008 as part of http://www.ososphere.org International sound artists  
are invited to apply with a project meant to be created on one of the  
trans-European floating labs.
 >> keywords : radio, sound art, media art, field recordings

Main Objectives:
     --> To give young people the experience of a professional mobile  
     --> A documentary artistic research on cultural identities of  
European cities
     --> Built a new european network in the field of sound art
     --> Experiment ICT via innovative artistic practices

Participating countries:
     --> Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany,  
Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia & Slovakia

Associated curators:
    Valérie Vivancos (www.vibrofiles.com) and Joachim Montessuis  

Participating artists & residents (list not closed) :
Aymeric De Tapol, Tonic Train, Dinahbird, Jopo Stereo, SIC: Hori  
Cosmin Samoïl, Ewen Chardronnet, Alejandra Perez Nunez,  Julien  
Ottavi, Chris Watson, Vincent Epplay, Alejandra & Aeron, Robert  
Hampson, Kassel Jaeger, AGF, Jörg Piringer, Yannick Dauby, Christian  
Zanesi, Phil Niblock, Charlemagne Palestine, Jean-Philippe Roux, Gaël  
Segalen, Philip Griffiths, Joachim Montessuis

Full project Description & Application Form : www.sound-delta.eu


Thanks for all
Don't hesitate to contact us for any question.


Collectif MU
contact at sound-delta.eu

http://locative.x-i.net (list archive: + /archive/ ) 

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