[artinfo] Instant Gallery / New ... feat. exhib. and research .DK&HU

Bastian Borup bastianborup at yahoo.dk
Mon Feb 18 16:49:30 CET 2008

Curator: Svendsen, Bastian
Artists: Bastian Borup
Words by: Guest Star

Instant Gallery/New invites for research and exhib.

The new Instant Gallery will open up and close down
during 24 hours, turning a domestic space into a white
cube featuring various artworks by danish artist and
anthropologist Bastian Borup. Part of the works
consists of interactive pieces (featuring YOU),
fulfilling and presenting the results of a research of
the art environment of Budapest.

Testing the Homo Conventiocus the exhibition will try
to test the borders of innovation, turning around the
usual, making you the player, the judge, a part.

Therefore: BRING YOUR OWN WINE (my good that’s
progressive); delicious strange food will hit you,
don’t worry, you wont be cheated.

Wednesday the 20th of February, at 20 o’clock

MesterUtca 5, 4/40
IX district, Budapest
Bell 43
(opening hours the 21st of February: 13-20) 

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