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Tue Feb 12 13:52:19 CET 2008

Interface, 15 February - 15 March 2008

Opening 14.02.08, between 19.00 - 21.00

Project curator: Juraj Carny

Project co-ordinator: Katarina Slaninova

Participant artists:
Matus Lanyi
Stano Masar
Tamara Moyzes
Vladimir Nikolic
Sara Nuytemans/ Arya Pandjalu
Brendan Powell Smith

The conception of the exhibition INTERFACE is 
based on the presentation of art works which 
consciously confront themselves with religion. 
The aim of the exhibition is neither  to shock 
nor draw attention to the religious questions, 
but trace different approaches to this theme by 
artists coming from various religious 
environments - Islam, Jewish and Christian, as 
well as different local contexts (Asia, Europe, 
America). The main intention of the exhibition is 
to search possibilities of understanding among 
various religions. In the eyes of an ordinary man 
the mass media manipulation can easily turn every 
Muslim into an enemy, a terrorist. Similar 
manipulations can deform our opinions on the 
Jewish, Christian or other religious identity.

Works, created in the media of video, object and 
painting, presented at the exhibition INTERFACE 
raise questions about how artists from different 
cultures and religions express themselves in art. 
How does a universal language of contemporary art 
reflect different religious and philosophical 
approaches? To what extent does religion even 
today effect our ability to see and interpret the 
visual reality? Did contemporary art lose the 
Church as a patron that for many centuries had 
commissioned artists to create art works? Do 
religious topics and motifs, the sacred and 
transcendent still belong among topical issues of 
art? The exhibition does not have an ambition to 
judge nor take an apriori attitude about the 
theme but on the basis of the presented works it  
wants to provide a space for a discussion.

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