[artinfo] DICTIONARY OF WAR IN NOVI SAD: Video recordings ready for downloading

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Fri Feb 1 16:24:10 CET 2008

DICTIONARY OF WAR IN NOVI SAD: Video recordings ready for downloading

A week after the fifth edition of DICTIONARY OF WAR, held on January 
25. and 26. 2008 in Novi Sad, video recordings of all 25 concepts are 
available for download at: http://dictionaryofwar.org/en-dict/v2v

25 new concepts on the issue of a war presented in alphabet order 
during two days event in Novi Sad are now available to the bigger 
audience. Video recordings from the fifth DICTIONARY OF WAR have 
joined already existing, unique topic-based multimedia archive of 100 
concepts, which have been presented during four previous events by 
artists, filmmakers, scientists and researchers. Loosely based on the 
slogan: "At least, when we create concepts, we are doing something" 
DICTIONARY OF WAR is a collaborative platform for creating concepts.

The entire video documentation is realized on the basis of Open 
Source technology and open content distribution. This is to guarantee 
true cross platform compatibility and a maximum of sustainability and 
accessibility rather than promoting proprietary video formats that 
run only on certain operating systems and are designed in order to 
exclude those who use competitive products let alone Free and Open 
Source software. Video files of the DICTIONARY OF WAR are shared by 
thousands of users worldwide who download the material for 
educational or research purposes and remix it in various new contexts.

Detailed instructions for download of the files with screenshots for 
various operating systems you can find on: 

Distribution network V2V (http://v2v.cc), which has been setting up 
over the past four years turns out as a stable and reliable 
environment for syndicating huge amounts of data which makes 
important difference to use of corporate, proprietary technology and 
a centralized distribution mode.

More informations at: http://dictionaryofwar.org or 
info[at]dictionaryofwar.org and office[at]kuda.org

DICTIONARY OF WAR is project by Multitude e.V. Berlin and Unfriendly 
Takeover Frankfurt am Main, and it is locally organized by New Media 
Center_kuda.org Novi Sad (www.kuda.org) in collaboration with "Zavod 
za kulturu Vojvodine" and Radio Novi Sad. The project in Serbia is 
supported by Ministry of Culture and Education of Province Vojvodina, 
Fond for Open Society, Goethe Institute Belgrad, Austrian Cultural 
Forum Belgrade and The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade.


  office at kuda.org
  brace mogin 2
  po box 22
  21113 novi sad
  tel/fax +381 21 512 227

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