[artinfo] Sarah Thornton: Seven Days in the Art World

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Sat Dec 6 13:52:44 CET 2008

Seven Days in the Art World,
a collection of true stories about the institutions that have the 
power to shape art history, is set in New York, Los Angeles, London, 
Basel, Venice, and Tokyo.

Contemporary art has become a mass entertainment, a luxury good, a 
job description, and, for some, a kind of alternative religion. In a 
series of fly-on-the-wall narratives, Thornton investigates the 
minute dramas of a Christie's evening sale, life in a notorious 
CalArts seminar, the elite trade of the Basel Art Fair, the 
competition behind the Tate's Turner Prize, the peculiarities of 
Artforum and its critics, the high jinks of Takashi Murakami's 
studios, and the curatorial wonderland that is the Venice Biennale.
Thornton's entertaining ethnography explores the dynamics of 
creativity, taste, judgment, status, money, and the search for 
meaning and beauty in life.

1. The Auction
2. The Crit
3. The Fair
4. The Prize
5. The Magazine
6.The Studio Visit
7. The Biennale


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