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Wed Aug 27 14:17:58 CEST 2008


   Within the scope of the 24th International Short Film Festival
   Berlin, between the 4th and 9th of November 2008, the agency
   Zucker.Kommunikation and interfilm Berlin will jointly hold

   forward - international viral video award

   the first competition for viral films at a German film festival.

   Two prizes of 500,-  will be awarded. One by an expert jury and one
   by an audience jury.

   Virals sought!

   We're looking for films with a message. All entries should be aiming
   to communicate either a promotional, ideational, political or original
   message. They cannot be older than two years and should have already
   been successful at spreading the net, or at least be on the way to
   doing just that.
   Whether they are promotional strategies or propaganda, these messages
   of seduction and conviction have long since been utilising virtual
   channels to spread throughout the internet. Videos are shown and
   distributed on film forums, via email, in blogs and on video portals.
   While the brand names and/or creators behind many virals often like to
   remain obscure, others make a point of them. What counts is
   originality and humour; virals have to be good enough to traverse the
   magical threshold of being forwarded. Word of mouth advertising is
   (almost) the only thing that counts.

   We intend to bring international virals together in one competition
   and find out which of the nominated films proves to be the most
   successful within the competition. In addition to this, the artistic
   and creative aspects of viral production will also be acknowledged by
   an expert jury.

   The competition will take place within the scope of interfilm's 24th
   International Short Film Festival Berlin and will also be featured on
   cinema screens. Following to a Keynote presentation to be held during
   the festival week, the contemporary viral and its potential future
   will be discussed.

   Take part in the competition!

   Submit your film if
   * it has been especially made for the internet,
   * it was made with the aim to spread virally or has already been
   virally distributed
   * and it is either endorsing or opposing an image, an institution, a
   brand, a product or an idea.

   Upload the film to a video portal of your choice and then propose it
   either on [1]www.interfilm.de or on [2]www.viralvideoaward.com. You
   need only name the URL at which the film is online if you prefer. AND
   you may also propose films that you have not made but have discovered
   in the net.

   A jury will select the best virals from all entries submitted, to
   participate in the online audience election. Films will then be seen
   and voted-for at [3]www.viralvideoaward.com. Parallel to and
   independent of that selection process, virals will also be under the
   scrutiny of an expert jury consisting of industry professionals.

   All films which make it to the online-voting stage will also be
   presented on the big screen during the interfilm Short Film Festival.

   Entry deadline: 19th September 2008!


   1. 3D"http://www.interfilm.de/viral-award_eng.php"
   2. 3D"http://www.interfilm.de/viral-award.php%20"
   3. 3D"http://www.viralvideoaward.com"/

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