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   Confirming   new army of de   sometimes triple, exhi   The firstgallery that deserves to be mentioned is th   gallery Taxter& Spengemann. Backfrom their Euro   with Adam Putnam at the last edition of Art |Basel St   Taxter and Pascal Spengemann - who were school mates at   will open another splendid new space in New York. Premiered    thesummer show entitled "Union Square" at the Chelsea gallery on Wes   t22nd street, the new space is at 123 East 12th Street between 3rd and
      Fr   for "Un   jutting from the   monstrosities." After    by Matt Johnson schedule   shared with Andrew Krep   venture.
   Godfather o   willbaptize the    From a very Americanaffair to a global en   Aicon Gallery, founded in 2000 by bro   Dutta as the first online gallery of Indian    relocate the New York space from the Flatiron    promisingLower East Side; working in parallel with the    Palo Alto and London,the new gallery, which is located in a   storefront at 33-35 of Great JonesStreet, is a two-storey,
   2.4384-squa   exhibition, "The Gho   Francis Newton Souza (1924-20   performance by Indian Fusion-Roc   Theseexpansions are just a small se   opened a second gallery in Chels   Kapoor, with a new branch also opening ve   Belgian capital has also long been on the radar   Rech; Rech willopen her Belgian gallery space   in a 1000-square-meterspace in the center of Bru   will inaugurate on October 12 with ashow by Anselm Rey   decided to keep the space in its original rough andindustrial c   ondition.
   Back to theBig Apple and 303 recently organized an    a huge space located on 547 West 21Street, which will    the second branch of the gallery opened by LisaSpellman 25   at the 303 of Park Avenue South (which then moved to 89Green   in Soho). The new space, which is one block over from the actu   algallery headquarters on West 22nd, will open on September 20 with a
   D   After NewYo   for young and m   and Kippenberger c   Petzel - who have shar   since the first edition - wi   of Capitain & Petzel. The   the historical modernist bui   thisnew collaboration comes very n   Capitain and Petzelare currently sharing an    artists, consisting of Charline vonHeyl, Wade Guyton,   Seth Price and Steven Prina. It's the samestory for Prag   Jirí Svetská, who will open a new branch in theGerman cap   the same month.
   Among thesepowerful dealers is Prato-based alte   Project Gentili, which is preparing a group show   Shift," to be exhibited in a temporary space in Berlinri   the city fair Artforum Berlin, which, according to the Baer    recently received a 100,000 euros contribution from an auction   Speaking ofItalians, there's great curiosity regarding the n   of Massimo DeCarlo in London, whose promises inc   programand new gallery staff, though nothing has been confir   except that thebrand new gallery will open sometime in 2009. An   very ambitious Milanesegallerist opening in London, in January, i   Nicolò Cardi, son of Renato Cardi,and owner of two gallery spaces l   ocated in the luxury hearth of the city, onein Corso di Porta Nuova
   and   heir wi   space in Lo   artistic    Francesco Bon   Manin. These newcom   as already demonstrated   inChelsea, is curr   spacelocated in Jay    show by CarlosAmorales du   Nicola Trezzi


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