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Fri Aug 8 13:47:39 CEST 2008

   OPEN CALL to All Artists!

   The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo (ACT), Tokyo Japan is accepting entries
   for its competition:
   Presented by The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo (ACT)
   Co-Sponsored by Takata Lemnos Inc.
   Takata Lemnos Inc. produces design clocks with artists and designers
   and sells them at numerous numbers of locations including popular
   department stores and specialized stores in Japan as well as The
   Museum of Modern Art (NY), Gallery 91 (NY), and Galerie Colette
   (Paris). At this Design Clock Competition, The Artcomplex Center of
   Tokyo (ACT) and Takata Lemnos Inc. invite public participations to
   seek a good and unique design and artwork for the design clock that
   could hit the market.
   The competition is open to everyone, 18 year old or older. Work must
   be original and shouldn't have been commercialized with other
   companies in the past.
   1. Takata Lemnos Inc. will produce the winners' own design clocks and
   distribute them in the market.
   2. Winners will make a contract with Takata Lemnos Inc. and receive %
   from the sales. (The numbers of % will be discussed when making a
   3. A final product will be provided to the winners.
   4. One of the winners will be selected as the best prize and will have
   the right to have a solo exhibition at The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo
   (ACT) within 2009
   Important Dates
   August 17th (Sun), 2008: Entries due
   August 23rd (Sat), 2008: Notification of acceptance (First Stage)
   August 31st (Sun), 2008: Data File to enter the Second Stage due
   October 14th (Tue)-October 26th (Sun) 2008: Exhibition Period (Second
   November 2nd (Sun), 2008: Notification of the final winners
   For more information, please visit our website at
   If you have any questions, please contact [3]clock at gallerycomplex.com
   for more info.
   We look forward to receiving your entries!
   The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo (ACT)
   12-9 Daikyo-cho, Shinjyuku, Tokyo


   1. http://www.lemnos.jp/
   2. http://www.gallerycomplex.com/Design-Clock-Competition_english.html
   3. mailto:clock at gallerycomplex.com
   4. http://www.gallerycomplex.com/

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