[artinfo] Electrohype 2008 - Malmö Konsthall , Sweden

Adele Eisenstein adele at c3.hu
Thu Apr 10 18:30:33 CEST 2008

From: Anna Kindvall <info at electrohype.org>
Subject: [Electrohype Info] REMINDER: Electrohype 2008 - Malmö Konsthall, Sweden


Call for Entries Electrohype 2008 - Malmö Konsthall, Sweden

Deadline Friday April 18th.

This is a reminder on our call for entries for the biennial Electrohype 2008
that will take place in November this year at Malmö Konsthall, Sweden. Time is
running fast and it is now only one more week to make a submission on our call.

The deadline is April 18th. Applications via the online form or vie e-mail
should be sent that day. For material via ordinary mail postmark by that date
is sufficient.

Read the text regarding the call for entries and more information about the
exhibition at


Best regards



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