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Subject: [artinfo] you better watch out
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 20:32:14 +0200 (CEST)

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> Date: 7 Apr 2008 11:56
> Subject: the "new" Romania
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> Dear friends!
> We have just returned from Bucharest, where between 2-4 of
> april took place the biggest NATO summit in history. Some
> people, (between 50 and 100) wanted to express their
> opinions about this summit, about war and militarization and
> a space was rented in Bucharest as a place for discussion,
> workshops, projections (and, in the "worst"case and only in
> the opinion of some of the participants, as a starting point
> for peaceful, quiet march in the city,in the conditions in
> which any public manifestation, no matter as peacefull, was
> oficially forbidden during the summit ). On the 2nd of
> april, the first day of summit, the riot police entered this
> space, beaten up people and arrested everybody inside
> without any legal basis, just on the presumption that
> "something might happen". Later on that day they had to
> release everybody, as a consequence of the interventions of
> human rights groups and of people piqueting the police
> stations. But even if the detained people were released, the
> surveillance and the threats from the part of police continued. 
> It would be quit a lot to say about what happened there,
> about the atmosphere of terror, about the mass-media
> campaign that started weeks before the summit to construct
> an image of the "dangerous anarchists" that will destroy the
> city and our image of nice, obeying country, about people
> denied entry at the border on the reason that they had on
> them flyers against NATO and against violence, about the
> harassment of the people involved and also of their families
> and friends, about the surveillance of phones and internet
> activity made official and legal, etc. If you are interested
> you can read about these on indymedia romania site
> (http://romania.indymedia.org/) and also in other
> independent media.
> We wanted to tell you also about what is happening to us. In
> September 2007, we were part of a project called Spatiul
> Public Bucuresti | Public Art Bucharest 2007
> (http://www.projectspacebucharest.blogspot.com/,
> www.spatiul-public.ro), project in the frame of which we
> conceived and organized the events of a Project Space. Some
> of the people with whom we worked at Project Space were also
> involved in organizing a program of cultural events in
> reaction to the NATO summit in Bucharest. During the anti
> NATO protests in Bucharest and now, after we have return to
> Timisoara we realized that we were under the observation of
> the secret police even since September when we were working
> at the Project Space. Our phones are listened to, we are
> followed on the street (and our followers don't even hide)
> and we have just discovered some strange connections in our
> laptops which allow remote access to all the data inside to
> some persons that we don't know (we used our laptops during
> Project Space events and many people had access to them). 
> Although it is definitely distressful to know that you are
> constantly watched, it is not the case that they could find
> the evidence of any illegal activity whatsoever from our
> part. The only thing that we did, and that we will continue
> doing, is to express our citizen right to the freedom of
> speech. And only because of this, our private lives are wide
> opened to the eyes of some people payed from our tax money
> to harass us. The only reaction we can think off is to make
> this harassment as visible as possible, to tell everyone
> about it. This is the reason of this email.
> One of the main critiques of Romanian communism is in
> relation to the constant surveillance, to the fact that you
> could not trust anybody and that all your moves and all your
> words were constantly observed. Now, when in our country any
> idea of the Left is so righteously condemned as
> "totalitarian" and "communist" with the purpose to reinforce
> even more capitalism as the only possible alternative, the
> constant surveillance is still part of the everyday life. It
> is enough to state publicly your opinions and you will be
> subjected to the same sort of surveillance as before 1989,
> even if now we are living the "freedom" times of capitalism.
> Best wishes from us!
> Maria, Rodica, Anca
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