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Edward Krasinski Studio opening / Warsaw

Inaugural conference Avant-garde in the Bloc: 
Aspects of the Oeuvre and Studio of Henryk 
Stazewski and Edward Krasinski.
5-6th October 2007, Warsaw

Foksal Gallery Foundation
Gorskiego 1A
00-033 Warsaw
T/F + 48 22 826 50 81
mail at fgf.com.pl

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Foksal Gallery Foundation is proud to present the 
conference Avant-garde in the Bloc: Aspects of 
the Oeuvre and Studio of Henryk Stazewski and 
Edward Krasinski, inaugurating the public opening 
of Edward Krasinski’s studio under the name 
Avant-garde Institute.

The studio, situated on the 11th floor of an 
apartment block in downtown Warsaw, discloses an 
unwritten history of local modernist tendencies 
that blurs the binary oppositions between private 
and public, history and memory, exterior and 
interior, illusion and reality.

From 1962 on, Henryk Stazewski shared the studio 
with Maria Ewa Lunkiewicz-Rogoyska and Jan 
Rogoyski, and from the beginning of the 70s with 
Edward Krasinski. The studio became an important 
venue for Polish avant-garde artists and critics 
of different generations, a space for meetings, 
discussions and artistic interventions. In 1974 
Daniel Buren taped his in-situ striped panels 
onto the studio's windows. After Stazewski's 
death in 1988, the studio became an important 
element of Edward Krasinski's work, a surface 
inscribed with his signature blue scotch tape 
that connects objects, representations and memory 
traces. After Edward Krasinski's death in 2004, 
Foksal Gallery Foundation decided to maintain the 
space almost unchanged, but have commissioned 
from the architectural studio BAR an extension of 
the apartment's terrace that will serve as a 
multifunctional pavilion, housing exhibitions and 
seminars, and serving as a studio for visiting 

The aims of the inaugural conference are 
threefold: to summarize research on Krasinski and 
Stazewski's oeuvres, and to challenge them with 
contemporary approaches; to reflect on the 
artistic and social phenomenon of an artists' 
studio; and to discuss the potential of this new 
institution focused on counter-education and 
counter-distribution of knowledge.

Conference Program:

5 October 2007 (Friday)
10. 15. Andrzej Przywara (Foksal Gallery 
Foundation, Warsaw), Welcome of conference 
participants and guests. Introduction.
10.30. Sabine Breitwieser (Generali Foundation, 
Vienna), Edward Krasinski: Les mises en scène.
11.00. Blake Stimson (University of California, Davis), Krasinski and Totality.
11.30. Adam Szymczyk (Kunsthalle Basel)
12.00.-13.00. discussion, coffee break

13.00.-15.00. break

15.00. Maria Matuszkiewicz (University of 
Warsaw), Karol Sienkiewicz, Alternative 
Topographies. Henryk Stazewski and Edward 
Krasinski -- Between the Studio, Gallery and Café.
15.30. Anka Ptaszkowska, A few secrets of continuity and temporariness
- from the artists who lived in this place,
- for those, who are here.
16.15. Rachel Haidu (University of Rochester), Edward Krasinski's Home Work.
16.45. - 17.45. discussion

18.30. Public opening of Henryk Stazewski's and Edward Krasinski's studio.

6 October 2007 (Saturday)
10.00. Pawel Polit (Centre for Contemporary Art 
Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw), Rhetoric of the Blue 
10.30. Luiza Nader (University of Warsaw), Heterology of the Blue Line.
11.00. Klara Kemp-Welch (University College 
London), Articulating the "Between": Stazewski’s 
Critical Spaces.
11.30.-12.30. discussion, coffee break
12.30. Piotr Juszkiewicz (Adam Mickiewicz 
University, Poznan), Life line. From 
Clair-voyance to blindness.
13.00. Alexander Alberro (University of Florida, 
Gainsville), Edward Krasinski's Dynamic Line.
13.30. - 14.00. discussion

14.00.-15.30. break

15.30. Andrzej Turowski (Université de Bourgogne, 
Dijon), From Zmijewski, to Stazewski
16.15. Museum in the Bloc. Discussion.
Moderator: Joanna Mytkowska (Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw)
Participants: Charles Esche (Van Abbemuseum, 
Eindhoven), Maria Hlavajova (BAK, Utrecht), 
Joanna Tokarska-Bakir (University of Warsaw, 
Collegium Civitas, Warsaw), Artur Zmijewski

Place: Kino Paradiso, Al. Niepodleglosci 62, Warsaw

The conference Avant-garde in the Bloc is 
organized by Foksal Gallery Foundation and 
supported by the Polish Ministry of Culture and 
National Heritage founds, in the framework of the 
programme Cultural Education and Popularization 
of Culture.

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