[artinfo] [pixelache] Mal au Pixel 2008 : call for projects (until november 1st)

Adam Somlai-Fischer adam at aether.hu
Sat Sep 8 19:54:08 CEST 2007

Festival « Mal au Pixel » 2008, Paris.

International festival of electronic subcultures
May 17-25, 2008, Paris / Saint-Ouen

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1 – Mal au Pixel call for projects
2 – Pixelache Network news

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---------------mal au pixel 2008 call for projects---------------

The Mal au Pixel festival further supports ongoing electronic art  
practices and research in the field of new media and technology. The  
festival presents experimental installations, audiovisual  
performances, practical workshops and public debates.

The third edition of the festival will focus on the theme of public  
The notion of public space as been developed, in particular, by  
philosopher Jürgen Habermas during the sixties, encompasses all  
symbolic, physical and virtual dimensions of public space.

Our urban public space is increasingly taken over by technologies  
designed for enhancing communication mobility, for the information of  
citizens, for surveillance and control. At the same time as new  
perspectives for usage open up, the philosophical, political and  
cultural aspects of these new public spaces evolve and redefine the  
relations to the other, the freedom of expression and of circulation.  
And at the same time, the private sphere is increasingly under  
scrutiny, under siege and even exposed.

For this next edition of Mal au Pixel, we would like to investigate,  
for example, the question of online public space and virtual  
communities, interactive installations in the urban space, mobile  
infrastructures and new cartographies…

We are currently looking for both finalized projects as well as  
concepts/prototypes and we encourage people from all disciplines to  
participate and send us proposals. Artists, researchers, architects,  
designers, activists, musicians, performers, engineers, VJs, etc.,  
you are all welcome!

We will also support site-specific projects by granting artistic  
residencies and providing other production resources.


-          the Mal au Pixel staff apologizes in advance for not being  
able to send feed-back to all the applicants individually. Please  
also note that submission material will, in principle, NOT be returned.

-          Submissions sent to previous Mal au Pixel calls are still  
valid and can be updated as necessary.

-          Please fill in the submission form (http:// 

-          The deadline for sending in applications is November 1st,  

-          Submission can be sent either by email to submissions2007(- 
a-)pixelache.ac or by regular post:

Festival Mal au Pixel

Mains d’Oeuvres

1, rue Charles-Garnier

93400 Saint-Ouen


Check out the Mal au Pixel 2007 documentation !
www.malaupixel.org Video documentation of « Democracy ? Do it  
yourself ! », Mal au Pixel 2007 edition and other videos to be added  

http://www.flickr.com/photos/8080319@N05/ Selection of photos

from Mal au Pixel festival 2007. Other tags : malaupixel / mal au  
pixel / pixelache / pixelazo

-----------------pixelache network news--------------------

Pixelache festival originally born in Helsinki, continues traveling  
around the world, with upcoming new events in the Nordic region and  
in Paris…

SWEDEN * Pixelvärk October 5-6 2007 / www.pixelvark.se

Mejan Labs is organising the second edition of Pixelvärk in Stockholm  
as a part of their Game Art exhibition. The Pixelvärk programme will  
be announced soon.

Mejan Labs was founded by the Royal University College of Fine Arts  
in Stockholm to be an arena for experiments within art. The mission  
of Mejan Labs is to introduce artists and forms of art that is never  
shown anywhere else in Sweden. (www.mejanlabs.se)

NORWAY * Piksel November 15-18 2007 / www.piksel.no

BEK, independant medialab in Bergen, has organized the Piksel  
festival since year 2003, an event for artists and developers working  
with Free/Libre and Open Source audiovisual software and art.

FINLAND * Pixelache Helsinki march 13-16 2008 / www.pixelache.ac

Additional information about the next edition of Pixelache in  
Helsinki coming soon...

FRANCE * Mal au Pixel May 17-25 2008 / www.malaupixel.org

  * Pixelache @ "Printemps (im)médiat!" May 2008

"Printemps (im)médiat!" is a series of events organized by the  
Finnish Institute in Paris in collaboration with several Finnish  
cultural organizations including Pixelache. It will take place in  
Paris during spring 2008, as part of the "100% Finlande, un festival  
finlandais en France" event and in parallel with the Mal au Pixel  

ICELAND * Pikslaverk spring 2008 (dates to be confirmed) /  

Lorna organises Pikslaverk for the first time in spring 2008. Lorna  
is  an independant medialab founded in 2002 in Reykjavik that brings  
together artists, teachers and researchers.

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