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Wed Sep 5 15:17:50 CEST 2007

International Course - Master of Arts in MediaArtHistories
(Low residency; International faculty, English language)

Following the inaugual launch of the course that brought students 
from4 continents to the Wachau,
the program MediaArtHistories starts this November for the second time
and is currently accepting applications.
MAH conveys the most important developments of contemporary art through
a network of renowned international theorists, artists and curators
like:  Steve DIETZ, Erkki HUHTAMO, Lev MANOVICH, Christiane PAUL, Paul
Knowbotic Research, Charlie GERE, Oliver GRAU and many others.

Artists and programmers give new insights into the latest and most
controversial software, interface developments
and their interdisciplinary and intercultural praxis. Keywords are:
Strategies of Interaction & Interface Design,
Social Software, Immersion & Emotion and Artistic Invention. Using
online databases and other modern aids, knowledge of computer animation,
net art, interactive, telematic and genetic art as well as the most
reflections on nano art, CAVE installations, augmented reality and
wearables are introduced. Historical derivations
that go far back into art and media history are tied in intriguing ways
to digital art. Important approaches and methods from Image Science,
Media Archaeology and the History of Science & Technology will be

MediaArtHistories MA is also based on the international praxis and
expertise in Curation, Collecting, Preserving
and Archiving and Researching in the Media Arts. What are, for example,
the conditions necessary for a wider consideration of media art works
and of new media in these collections of the international contemporary
art scene?
And in which way can new Databases and other scientific tools of
structuring and visualizing data provide new contexts and enhance our
understanding of semantics?

Further Information:

DANUBE UNIVERSITY KREMS - located in the UNESCO world heritage Wachau
is the first public university in
Europe which specializes in advanced continuing education offering
low-residency degree programs for working professionals and lifelong
learners. Students come for 4 x 2 week blocks to Monastery Goettweig 
in Austria.

With its new modular courses starting in November 2007 the DEPARTMENT
FOR IMAGE SCIENCE at Danube University Krems offers an educational
program internationally unique. Without interrupting the career working
professionals have the opportunity  to further their career through
direct, individualized hands-on experience, social learning in small
groups and contacts with labs and industry. They gain key qualifications
for the contemporary art and media marketplace.

The Center in Monastery Goettweig, where most MediaArtHistories courses
take place, is housed in a 14th century building, remodeled to fit the
needs of modern research in singular surroundings. The Goettweig 
Collection holds
more than 30.000 prints and 2000 incunabla and manuscripts dating from
the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque era until today. International
experts analyze the image worlds of art, science, politics and economy
and elucidate how they originated, became established and how they have
stood the test of time. The innovative approach at the Department for
Image Science is reinforced by praxis-oriented study.

Sabine Lindner
Department for Image Science
Danube University Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Str. 30, A-3500 Krems
Tel: +43(0)2732 893-2569
sabine.lindner at donau-uni.ac.at

For more information go to: www.donau-uni.ac.at/dis

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