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Fri Oct 26 17:38:51 CEST 2007

// æther9 remote storytelling performance //
// 26.10.2007 @ 22:00 Central European Time (UTC+2) //
//  http://1904.cc/aether/live //

The æther9 group presents |||stationary æmotion||| : 4 remote performers
from 4 different locations  reunited in a real-time broadcasting. This
performance is part of an evening presenting several works focusing on
the theme of streaming, brought to you by the Labouretum Lumbrici,
tonight at WORM (Rotterdam, NL).

The æther9 group is interested in exploring the performative aspect of
the infosphere. They make use of existing 'lo-fi' communication tools 
to experiment with the integration of dramaturgical elements linked to
the constraints of working with a delocalised group to develop an
audiovisual performance.

Remote Participants:
Manuel Schmalstieg (Geneva, CH), Nathalie Fougeras (Brussels, BE), 
Paula Vélez (Medellin, Colombia)

Local Participants:
Nicola Unger & audrey Samson

In the vein of such precedents in 'teleperformances' as 'Hole in Space'
(1980), Videodrome (1983), planetary network (1986 @ Venice Biennale),
Piazza Virtuale (1992 @ Dokumenta 9), tonight's participants worked
together locally and with their delocalised partners on the theme of
streaming; exploring the tensions between traveling/communicating
through virtual and physical space.

The æther9 group taps into the aether as a medium which facilitates
transmission through the global atmosphere. A utopian concept that 
constantly inspires the development of a set of narrative directives
which guide the performance. Including the |||stationary æmotion|||
performance that you are invited to watch.

Or @ WORM:
Achterhaven 148 - R'dam - http://www.wormweb.nl/

Performance time: 22:00 Central European Time (UTC+2 - Bravo Time Zone)
Performance duration: 15:00 min.
Check your local time here: http://tinyurl.com/2knqmc

Tune in!


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