[artinfo] foundation(s)quartier

Karin Felbermayr Brustbild at gmx.de
Tue Oct 23 16:00:34 CEST 2007

On September 12, 2007, the public was informed by a press release 
that two Vienna art institutions, the GENERALI Foundation, and BAWAG 
Foundation, will merge and be located in the same place. All current 
human and structural resources will be consolidated into one 
"FOUNDATION(s)QUARTIER GmbH" to be established by the BAWAG, P.S.K., 
and Generali.

The undersigned wish to register their apprehensions regarding this 
consolidation largely made with respect to economic considerations. 
We are concerned that two renowned art institutions that have 
contributed enormously to Vienna's cultural life will suffer the loss 
of their credibility. Prior to this decision no advice was sought 
from experts. Neither the competent international board of the 
GENERALI Foundation, nor any independent committee of experts was 
consulted. In the future institution, the artistic director will no 
longer have budget authority. This can only have negative effects on 
exhibition and collection activities.
 The undersigned appeal to the management of the Generali 
Versicherung to preserve the integrity of their top-class art 
collection. It was exactly the GENERALI Foundation's high-standing 
public reputation, and the faith in its institutional stability that 
helped win the trust of internationally renowned artists and 
galleries. It is for these reasons that the collection today is of 
international standing. This entails the responsibility to keep it 
accessible to a wide public.


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