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/// NEW "Yet Another Media Conference" NEW ///

The EMERGEANDSEE event 2008 in Berlin takes shape and invites you to join!

Berlin will be the start for the 2008 season. 
From the 4th to the 6th of February, the last 
days before the Berlinale takes off, we will 
again fill the Babylon Berlin:Mitte with 
innovative films. Next to the EMERGEANDSEE 
competition we will hold the "Yet Another Media 
Conference" to discuss the future of the moving 
image with media theorists, practitioners, 
artists and you! There will be ten lectures (not 
longer than 30 minutes and then leaving enough 
time to discuss) and some trips to museums or 
film studios in Berlin. The conference is held by 
EMERGEANDSEE and the Institute of Art and Media 
of the University of Potsdam as well as the 
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

You are already disappointed because you think 
you cannot afford to come? No problem. We made a 
deal with a hostel and can now offer the full 
EMERGEANDSEE package. If you don't mind dorms 
(not of the bad sort) then we can offer you 4 or 
8 days in Berlin. So either you just come to join 
EMERGEANDSEE or you include the Berlinale as well.

The price of 91 * for 4 days includes a dorm bed, 
breakfast, the EMERGEANDSEE Event with the "Yet 
Another Media Conference" and the EMERGEANDSEE 
Competition as well as some further cultural 
programme all focusing on moving image. Of course 
there will be parties like every year. You can 
also have a single or double room, that just gets 
a bit more expensive. So we hope to meet you 
again at our event. Contact 
kirsten at emergeandsee.org for any questions or 
more details.

Further down you can find the Call for Papers for 
"Yet another media conference".

AND......We still take submissions until 1 
November. Don´t miss it, there are 1000 * in the 


/// Call for papers///

«Yet Another Media Conference»

What is the future of moving image?

Every media student knows about the ambivalence of their topic. When
telling their friends about university, the next sentence of their
counterpart often is “And what is it exactly you do?”. The term “media”
is getting more and more important in our societies, because everybody
knows that the environment is full of them. But what is media theory and
what can it do in our reality?

The international short film festival EMERGEANDSEE and the Institute of
European Media Studies from the University of Potsdam and the University
of Applied Sciences Potsdam want to close a
gap and together they found «Yet Another Media Conference». In 2008 the
conference focuses on the future of moving image and turns the Kino
babylon berlin:mitte for two days into a bustling campus.

Everyone knows films. Be it on a cinema screen, be it on YouTube. Visual
Art is known by everyone. Media Theory is not, although it is just as
important. Therefore «Yet Another Media Conference» joins international
universities, to discuss, to show, to explain, to learn and to broaden
the horizon. EMERGEANDSEE sees a necessity for an international exchange
between media professors, theorists, philosophers, artists,
practitioners and students. We want to start a discussion in which
students play a major role as they are the people that will form
tomorrow's theory and praxis.

EMERGEANDSEE collects and shows young creative moving images since 2000.
At our short film festivals, we bring the public the best visual ideas
from media and design academies around the world. Filmed or animated,
narrative or artistic – EMERGEANDSEE shows innovative ideas.

For «Yet Another Media Conference» EMERGEANDSEE is searching for media
theorists and practitioners who want to present and discuss their
thoughts on visuality. Anything that concerns the aesthetics, formats,
concepts and genres of moving images is welcome. We would like to create
a connection between work and reflection. Apart from that, the topic of
the conference is kept deliberately broad, in order to create a vivid
forum and to allow many different views. «Yet Another Media Conference»
takes place 4-6 February 2008 in Berlin, alongside our film festival.
The event is held a few days before the Berlinale, because we would like
to offer our guests the opportunity to visit the biggest German film
festival after some days of discussion and reception of innovative and
young work.

If you can contribute your work concerning visual media, including but
not limited to

     * short narratives
     * analog vs. digital aesthetics
     * technical convergence/convergence of genres
     * future distribution

please send us an abstract of your presentation until 1 November 2007.
Panels at the conference should consist of 20 to 30 minutes of
presentation and 20 minutes of discussion.

There are plans for a publication after the conference, most possibly a
collection of the presented papers. Please send your abstracts as .pdf,
.doc or plain text to conference at emergeandsee.org. If you have any
questions, please feel free to contact Till Claassen at
till at emergeandsee.org

Festival homepage: www.emergeandsee.org

European Media Studies: www.emw.eu

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