[artinfo] M6, D3: Abschlussball - - - WestGermany, Berlin

Ferenc Grof ferenc.grof at gmail.com
Thu May 31 20:51:57 CEST 2007

Manifesta 6, Department 3: Abschlussball
WestGermany | SkalitzerStr. 133 | Berlin

Abschlussball, Friday June 1, 2007 | from 20:00 till late
DJ bad ass - new weird america + new zealand indie classics.
DJ Chris van Chrome - soul.

You are cordially invited to attend the Manifesta 6, Department 3:
a party to celebrate the signing of the final draft of the contract by
Robin Bhattacharya, Chicks on Speed, Samuel Dowd, Pia Fuchs (dt. ID v.
Patricia Reed), Gaia Fugazza, Gabriele Gaspari, Ingela Johansson,
Ralph Kistler, Magnus Liistamo, Lyn Lowenstein, Susannah Mira, Petros
Moris, Can Sarvan, Alexander Schikowski, Anthony Schrag, Societe
Realiste, Craig Smith, Jens Strandberg et Inga Zimprich.

This carnivalesque party pretends to be the malignant colloidal
soulless agonistic turbocurare oikotic emulsive anarcho-passive
catho-communist real Ding, to be held at WestGermany tomorrow evening
(into maniacal laugh, in deep echo).

Network communications as well as the First Draft Contract available at:
m6.abschlussball at gmail.com

with the support of Canadian Embassy - Berlin, Collegium Hungaricum,
Bureau des Arts Plastiques

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