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This is how David Maljkovic explains what happened...

Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 04:58:39 -0700 (PDT)
>>Dear friends and colleagues,
>>   Unfortunately I'm not going to present Croatia at 52. International Art
>>Exhibition of Biennale di Venezia. This decision was made by the selector
>>(commissioner) - artist Zeljko Kipke together with organiser (curator)
>>Branko Franceschi, Director of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art 
>>Rijeka and I suppose with the Ministry of Culture.
>>   As you might be able to imagine, how disappointed and sorry I am. 
>> Please
>>allow me to explain what happened:
>>   On 22th of February 2007, I presented my project together with my
>>architect and selector Zeljko Kipke to the Minister of Culture, Bozo
>>Biskupic. The meeting went well and the minister gave support to the
>>project and let me know he is very pleased with it. The project was sent 
>>Palazzo Querini Stampalia which is hosting the Croatian Pavilion in 
>>   On the 2th of March I received an e-mail from Nina Obuljen, the
>>assistant of the Minister of Culture, informing me that Querini Stampalia
>>reviewed my project and decided that is not suitable for the 'Area Scarpa'
>>for which it was designed. Fondazione Querini Stampalia was afraid, that
>>the construction of my installation could cause damage in the newly
>>renovated Area Scarpa. Querini Stampalia offered the Ministry of Culture
>>different spaces in the building. So a date was set to see the new space 
>>Wednesday 7th of March and I had a flight ticket booked to Venice.
>>   I should add, that already on our first visit to Querini Stampalia in
>>December 2006 me and my architect had asked for the conditions as well as
>>what we could do in the delicate Scarpa space. Accordingly we designed a
>>self supporting installation avoiding all invasive actions such as
>>screwing, drilling, welding etc. Of course I asked for a written
>>explanation from Querini Stampalia, the Ministry of Culture and the
>>organiser but I never received any document.
>>   On 5th of March Zeljko Kipke sent an e-mail informing all collaborators
>>that my project has been rejected and that I have to hand in a new 
>>latest point on the 20th of March. Moreover, he informed me, that neither
>>in the Scarpa space nor in any other space in Palazzo Querini Stampalia I
>>am allowed to use plaster boards and wooden construction.
>>   I responded that certain materials and elements like plaster boards or
>>wooden constructions are essential in my artistic practice and that this
>>should be appreciated by the organisers of the Croatian Pavilion.
>>Furthermore, I reminded about my obligations towards the Museum of
>>Contemporary Art CAPC in Bordeaux and the Whitechapel Gallery in London.
>>Both, commissioner and curator of the pavilion knew that I have to be in
>>Bordeaux from 11th - 17th of March to install a solo exhibition and
>>subsequently in London on 28th of March for the opening of a solo at
>>Whitechapel Gallery. I informed them that I only can provide a realistic
>>timeline for a new project after having seen the new space at Querini
>>   I must say I was stunned about the deadline of Mach 20th, because
>>everybody knew that the Museum CAPC gave me the opportunity to install my
>>solo exhibition in March although the opening will take place on 24th of
>>May in order to enable me to focus on the Venice Biennial project in the
>>following months.
>>   On the 6th of March I received an e-mail from Commissioner Zeljko Kipke
>>telling me, that due to his responsibility towards the Ministry of Culture
>>he has to cancel my appointment as the artist to represent Croatia at the
>>Venice Biennial. He pointed out that he is sorry but because of my other
>>obligations I would not capable to finish the work for the pavilion.
>>   Dear friends and colleagues I couldn't believe this, because of my
>>obligations and responsibility towards the Croatian Pavilion I asked for a
>>special arrangement to install my exhibition in Bordeaux two months before
>>the opening (I am using this opportunity to say how much I appreciate the
>>Museum in Bordeaux CAPC for making it possible) and now I have been
>>excluded, or should I say - removed, from the Biennial.
>>   What kind of commissioner, artist (!) and person and what kind of
>>curator, organiser and person act this way? I keep asking myself how they
>>can pretend to support the interest of the Ministry but don't do anything
>>to protect the artist and make an art possible .
>>   They have not just outwitted me, they outwitted all the people I am
>>working with, my architect Miroslav Rajic, designer Damir Gamulin as well
>>as all the people ready and open to help the Croatian Pavilion, Sabrina 
>>der Ley and Markus Richter of European Art Project, the institutions I am
>>working with who showed the will to help with ads and promotion (P.S.1,
>>Whitechapel and CAPC Bordeaux) and my gallery Annet Gelink. I would like 
>>apologise to them for this terrible situation and say how thankful I am 
>>all the support they offered
>>   Once more I have to say how sorry I am that I won't be able to present
>>my video installation "Lost Memories from These Days", the project I am
>>working on since 2005. set inside the former Italian  Pavilion on Zagreb
>>I can not describe how disappointed and sad I am.
>>   Thank you for your understanding and your time
>>   Sincerely yours
>>   David Maljkovic
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hivatalos indoklás szerint  David Maljkovic projektje túl bonyolult,
túl drága, és  a müvész nem müködött megfelelöen együtt a
megbízó intézettel.

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>   Jo, jo illetve nem jo nem jo, vagy .....  MI az OKA hogy kirugtak
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