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> Jan van Eyck Academie
> Post-academic Institute for Research and Production
> Fine Art, Design, Theory
> Call for applications
> Deadline: Friday 13 April 2007
> Artists, designers and theoreticians are invited to submit research  
> and production proposals to become a researcher at the Jan van Eyck  
> Academie. Candidates can either apply with a topic of their own or  
> for a project formulated by the institute itself. In order to  
> realise these projects, the Jan van Eyck offers the necessary made- 
> to-measure artistic, technical and auxiliary preconditions.
> Profile
> The Jan van Eyck Academie is an institute for research and  
> production in the fields of fine art, design and theory. Every  
> year, 48 international researchers realise their individual or  
> collective projects in the artistic and challenging environment  
> that is the Jan van Eyck. The institute is not led by predetermined  
> leitmotivs. Artists, designers and theoreticians can submit  
> independently formulated proposals for research and/or production  
> in the Fine Art, Design and Theory department or candidates can  
> apply for collective research projects formulated by the Jan van  
> Eyck: Logo Parc, Tomorrow book studio, Traces of autism, After  
> 1968. What is the political?, Circle for Lacanian Idelogy Critique  
> and The pensive image.
> The miscellaneous nature of these research projects and productions  
> makes the Jan van Eyck into a multi-disciplinary institute. This  
> also shows in the programme of the institute. Researchers,  
> departments and the institute organise various weekly activities,  
> to which special speakers are invited: lectures, seminars,  
> workshops, screenings, exhibitions, discussions … External  
> interested parties are welcome to attend these activities. The  
> result is a dynamic and critical exchange between the different  
> agents from within and outside of the Jan van Eyck.
> Facilities
> Researchers are advised by a team of artists, designers and  
> theoreticians who have won their spurs globally: Orla Barry, Aglaia  
> Korad, Hinrich Sachs, Imogen Stidworthy; Wim Cuyvers, Will Holder,  
> Daniel van der Velden; Norman Bryson, Katja Diefenbach, Hanneke  
> Grootenboer, Dominiek Hoens.
> Researchers receive their own studio and a stipend. Furthermore,  
> researchers can make use of all kinds of facilities which support  
> their projects, from first concept to public presentation: the  
> library, the documentation centre and various workshops (wood and  
> other materials; graphic productions and photography; digital text  
> & image processing and editing; time-based media). They can also  
> get assistance with their print work, the editing and distribution  
> of publications and the publicity of events.
> Application
> Candidates can apply to a department or a collective research  
> project. The academic year runs from 1 January to 31 December.  
> Research candidates can apply for a one-year or two-year research  
> period starting annually on 1 January. It is also possible to apply  
> to do research for a different period and with a different starting  
> date.
> More information about the application procedure can be found  
> athttp://www.janvaneyck.nl/_devices/frames_applications.html
> Contact
> For practical questions concerning the application procedure or to  
> request an information brochure, please contact Leon Westenberg  
> (leon.westenberg at janvaneyck.nl).
> For content-related questions on the Jan van Eyck Academie in  
> general, its departments or on the collective research projects,  
> please contact Kim Thehu (kim.thehu at janvaneyck.nl).
> Please forward this email to whom it may concern.
> To receive the monthly Jan van Eyck newsletter by email (with news  
> items and information about upcoming events), please mail to:  
> brief at janvaneyck.nl.
> To receive the weekly Jan van Eyck programme by email, please mail to:
> week at janvaneyck.nl
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