[artinfo] Invitation to Participate in Delicate Situations

Adele Eisenstein adele at c3.hu
Sat Mar 17 11:36:18 CET 2007

                    *It's what you make for it*

                    a sequence of delicate *situations*
                    showing ourselves


                    Delicate Situations is a year-long group exhibition
                    from 15th January 2007 until 15th January 2008
                    bringing together work that will be placed in any
                    space anywhere. The one common factor is that the
                    works must be left in a place (for as long as they

                    You are invited to participate in Delicate
                    Situations. You may submit more than one work in the
                    form of documentation(for example photograph, text,
                    link to movie or sound file) over the period of the
                    year if the work evolves with exposure to the
                    environment in which it is placed. Work can be
                    submitted at any time during the year.

                    Delicate Situations will aim to show the
                    implications of the struggle with circumstance and
                    the contrasting strategies and choices that face us.
                    It will do this by creating a condition for the
                    exhibition of the art work by which its fragility or
                    resistance to circumstance is radically exposed.
                    Exposing not only the vulnerability of a finished
                    art object but also the often vulnerable
                    circumstances of the process and production of art
                    work. The nature of the way in which the work in
                    Delicate Situations is shown will allow a chance to
                    dwell on the nature of display and the varying ways
                    in which an artist reacts to showing their work. By
                    providing no specific venue for the work it provides
                    an extreme situation to dwell on the value of
                    publicity and privacy. This leads us to think about
                    the ways in which artists develop strategies for
                    being seen and not seen and, finally, the ways of
                    merging or keeping separated the making of the work
                    and the making of the work public.

                    All works will be documented online at

                    Please submit documentation (for example photograph,
                    text, link to movie or sound file) of your work to
                    schneiderinlondon at yahoo.co.uk

                    For more information or to discuss the project
                    please contact me.

                    Please forward this invitation to others you think
                    may be interested.

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