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Sun Mar 18 21:44:26 CET 2007

From: Lindsay MacDonald, Banff New Media Institute, The Banff Centre
E-mail:  lindsay_macdonald at banffcentre.ca

Reference Check:

A Co-production Residency for Developing Researchers

Residency dates: June 24 to July 21, 2007
Application deadline: April 9, 2007

The Banff New Media Institute (BNMI) invites researchers working with 
new media at the masters, doctorate or post-doctorate level to spend 
four weeks at The Banff Centre this summer.

Join BNMI for its first independent research-based Co-production 
Residency program, bringing together a select group of researchers. 
Individuals and small networks who are working with art and new media 
as a research strategy are invited to explore the broader social 
contexts of technology and digital culture.

Participants will be supported to pursue their self-directed 
research. They will also be given the opportunity to reflect on the 
field of new media and contemporary issues such as creative pluralism 
and multiple modes of knowledge production.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop their research with 
a peer group of ten participants and the support and mentorship of 
BNMI alumni and Reference Check peer advisors. These advisors will 
work with participants individually and as a group to help focus 
their ideas, and suggest methodologies, collaborative and 
multidisciplinary forms, and ways of enhancing their work and impact 
in the world.

Peer Advisors:

Broeckmann (DE)

Andreas has recently finished his seven-year tenure as director of 
transmediale, the Berlin-based festival for art and digital culture. 
He brings extensive curatorial experience in the field of art and 
media with regard to the development, realization, and documentation 
of new research projects, and their presentation in exhibitions, 
workshops, and other event formats.

Galloway (CA)

Anne brings a strong background in critical social and cultural 
studies of new technologies. Her research in sociology and 
anthropology concentrates on people's local and global mobility 
experiences and how they relate to a variety of technologies 
including cell phones, RFID, and biometrics.

Maharaj (UK)

Sarat Maharaj is a research professor at Goldsmith's College London 
and professor of visual art and knowledge systems in Lund, Sweden. 
His research covers cultural translation and differences, textiles, 
sonics, and visual art as knowledge production.

The total cost for this intensive, four-week residency program will 
be $1,369.80, (CND) plus applicable taxes. Nearly $7500 of additional 
in-kind support for each project will be provided by BNMI staff and 
the dedicated studio and production facilities at The Banff Centre's 
Creative Electronic Environment.

information and to apply

BNMI is engaged in leading and supporting research related to the 
field of new media including art, science, technology, education, 
studio, and future network practice. We attract world-class research 
partners, institutions, and artists who develop and share knowledge 
throughout BNMI.

Banff New Media Institute

The Banff Centre
Box 1020, Station 40
Banff, Alberta T1L 1H5

Email: <mailto:bnmi_info at banffcentre.ca>bnmi_info at banffcentre.ca

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