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Ferenc Grof ferenc.grof at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 11:19:29 CEST 2007

Presentations and lectures.
Thursday, 28 June 2007
documenta-Halle, Du-Ry-Strasse 1, Kassel.

Jose Fernandez Vega & Diego Melero (ramona, Buenos Aires), Brian
Holmes, Giovanna Zapperi (Multitudes, Paris) and Societe Realiste.

14:30 Wohnungsfragen an die Kunst
A microintervention by Jose Fernandez Vega (philosopher, ramona/Buenos
Aires) and Diego Melero (artist and sociologist, ramona/Buenos Aires).

16:00 The World Metaphor
Kabinett 2

A presentation by Brian Holmes. Unique for its size, resources and
extended period of preparation, documenta has evolved far beyond
Germany and "the West" to become a global exhibition. But what does
that mean? How to present and frame the artistic expressions of a
planetary condition? How to succeed, or at least productively and
insightfully fail in the articulation of a world metaphor? Using a few
concepts from the toolkit of the journal Multitudes, this lecture will
consider the present documenta 12 in the light of the two previous
ones, or maybe just in the light of the summer sun - our common
condition of becoming-visible.
Language: English

17:00 Re-presenting Birgit Jurgenssen
Kabinett 2

This lecture by Giovanna Zapperi considers the work of the Austrian
artist Birgit Jurgenssen (1949?2003) and raises the perennial question
of the "woman artist" and its relation (or non-relation) to feminism.
Reflecting on the first two volumes of documenta 12 magazines, it
would seem that the woman artist is to be understood, on the one hand,
as a depoliticised modernist hero(ine), while on the other, the
influence of feminism as a political formation is, once again,
marginalized. Birgit Jurgenssen?s work, in its explicitly feminist
exploration of the interrelations between sexuality, power and desire,
relates to both these problematics even as it reaffirms the
fundamental contribution of women artists to 20th century art.
Language: English

18:00 MA: Soliton
Kabinett 2
Presentation by Societe Realiste.

MA: Soliton is a typological inquiry about Solitonism, commissioned by
Ministère de l?Architecture. In this research, Ministère de
l?Architecture has demanded to continue the work of some eminent
physicists about non-linear waves, by proposing to extend the analysis
of Solitons to the field of the politics of space, and more precisely
for reading activities like design or the erection of buildings.
Language: English


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