[artinfo] date extended to july 20th: open call - ctrl_alt_del - 2007 /2008

basak senova basak at nomad-tv.net
Fri Jun 29 11:37:55 CEST 2007

submission date is extended to July 20th

for ctrl_alt_del


In 2007-2008, ctrl_alt_del will be realized by NOMAD in corporation with
Istanbul Technical University ­ MIAM.  Venues will be garajistanbul,
Istanbul Technical University ­ MIAM, santralistanbul/Bilgi University, and
Babylon. ctrl_alt_del will include Opening Concert, Performance Series
(live), Workshops, Panels, Presentations, Open Call, Field
Studies/Workshops, Exhibition, Radio Programmes, Publication and CD release.
The theme of ctrl_alt_del in 2007 and 2008 will be ³remote orienteering². As
the first dedicated sound art festival in Turkey, ctrl_alt_del enjoyed a
great deal of international publicity in 2003 and 2005. For the third
ctrl_alt_del to be start in September 2007 and continue till the end of
April 2008, we are now looking for interesting, provocative, subversive,
experimental and sophisticated works. 5 pieces will be selected by the jury
and will be presented during ctrl_alt_del.

Georg Dietzler
Paul Devens
Murat Ertel
Hassan Khan
Eran Sachs
Istanbul Technical University - MIAM (Pieter Snapper and Can Karadogan)
NOMAD (Emre Erkal, Erhan Muratoglu, Basak Senova)

The practice of ³remote orienteering² suggests generating content and
schematics in our conduct. Equally applicable for radical means of urban
subversion, ³remote orienteering² is the key process which the entries of
ctrl-alt-del should be directed.

The pieces are asked to be compliant with the following subjects in order to
create an intellectual climate of comprehension and discussion:

1. sounds for orientation, or sound as orientation.
2. distant sounds or sound in spatial contexts
3. sound and cultural subversion

1. Two audio CD¹s (original and a copy) of only ONE piece is the format of
the submission. Piece will not be more than 4 minutes long. Projects which
rely on specific visual documentation can be submitted on a DVD, but in any
case clip should not be longer than 4 minutes.
2. The name of the participant and the name of the piece(s) should be
written on this CD with a permanent marker.
3. An A4 size page with name, address, e-mail and telephone number of the
participant, and the names of the piece will be submitted.
4. An optional, separate A4 size page with a description, clarification or
reflection could be submitted depending completely on the desire of the
participant. These optional documents will not be used for evaluation, but
they could be used in later stages.

The works should be at the below mailing address before the 20th of July,
Basak Senova PK 16 Suadiye 34741 Istanbul, Turkey

Selected works and their owners will be announced in late August 2007 on the
NOMAD website:

All of the submitted material will be kept in NOMAD archive.

info at nomad-tv.net

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