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Dodelin Sophie hely73 at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 21 11:08:26 CEST 2007

Dear all,
As you probably know, the workshop "In Between Zones" started in IMPEX last saturday. 27 artists, sociologists, urban planners, students (...) coming mostly from Europe are working during one week on 4 topics :
1. Public art and urban planning  — Conditions of “constructive” criticism.
 (group tutor: Monika Bálint)
2. Techniques of collective and individual intervention: how inhabitants can use and form their own living-space
 (group tutors: Sophie Dodelin and Tamás Kaszás)
3. Grassroots in the City: organizations, grassroots and DIY initiatives and urban planning. Potentials, visions, future scenarios
 (group tutors: Levente Polyák and Katarina Šević)
4. Limits to planning: limitations of urban planning projects
 Mistake assessment: analysis and planning of errors in city development projects.
 (group tutors: Samu Semerey and Bálint Kádár)

We are glad to invite you tomorrow friday 22nd of june at 17h in IMPEX (Futo utca 46) to see the results of the group works and meet the participants.

I hope to meet you there,
more infos on http://www.impex-info.org/application_inbetween_eng.html

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