[artinfo] The Book by Scintilla Robina and Norberto Dalmata

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Tue Jun 19 22:04:55 CEST 2007

The Book by Scintilla Robina and Norberto Dalmata
"As a drop of water on a k-way"

ISBN: 978-3-03720-009-4

The book was born as a background of a show, that will finally take 
place in Milano the 29th may 2007, in a not-profit space called 

Marco Raparelli and Stefania Galegati, pretend to be two curators: 
Norberto Dalmata and Scintilla Robina. The book is a collection of 
emails that they send each other during a 3 months period, trying to 
develop the project of a show together, deciding themes and artists 
that they like and adding comments to everyday life and art 

They printed and cut out all the email, and build up the book in a 
very manual way, keeping erasures and pieces of tape and drawing over 

The book is written in english, that is obviously not their mother-language.

The two curators now exist. They have their own characters, life and 
different projects. They really enjoyed sharing this experience, and 
they are already starting to work to new projects together.

Norberto Dalmata is a critic and philosopher. He studied at the 
Moderna University of Siena. He collaborates with many art magazines, 
like Brufolo and Flash Art Slovakia. He lives in Rome.

Scintilla Robina is a young curator. She collaborates with some 
magazines like Donna Oggi, and Fitness and culture. She has been art 
curator of the Diesel store in New York, since 2005. She lives and 
work in New York.


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