[artinfo] Fwd: Albanian Hackers Clan Invties you:

Janos Sugar sj at c3.hu
Mon Jun 18 22:03:43 CEST 2007

>>From: Albanian Hackers Clan <webmaster at ks-community.com>
>>Date: 18 June 2007 10:29:19 AM
>>To: geert at xs4all.nl
>>Subject: Albanian Hackers Clan Invties you:
>>Albanian Hackers Clan
>> Albanian Hackers Clan
>> http://www.ahc-forum.com/
>>You are invited to join the AHC Team forum, where you can 
>>find-learn everything about Hacking, Cracking, Underground, Warez, 
>>Exploits etj...
>>Our Forum includes even categories for fun like:
>>Tutorials & Ebooks
>>Operative Sistem
>>Programming Language
>>Present Yourself
>>Questions & Needs
>>General Talk
>>Fun & Jokes
>>Say Hello & Congratulations
>>Link Exchange
>>Other Sports
>>Skype, AOL, Gmail etj.
>>Free & Paid Hosting
>>Join us today: http://www.ahc-forum.com/
>>Respectfully: Albanian Hackers Clan
>> http://www.ahc-forum.com/
>> http://www.ahc-forum.com

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