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>  <http://www.tank.tv>
>Fresh Moves
>New Moving Images From The UK
>a DVD of film and video art by tank.tv
>Launch of the DVD at the ICA, London, 28th June 2007
>Ben Callaway - 'Carousel'
>Saskia Olde Wolbers, 'Placebo' - Copyright 
>Saskia Olde Wolbers, courtesy Maureen Paley.
>The appearance of Fresh Moves is a unique event 
>making artists' moving images, some of which are 
>rarely seen, available beyond the conventional 
>context of art exhibitions and fleeting lives 
>online. The project is the result of tank.tv's 
>continuous collaboration and exchange with 
>artists, institutions and independent curators 
>which has made it the inimitable platform for 
>moving image practice that it is today.
>Showcasing new moving image work since 2003, 
>tank.tv presents its first DVD anthology. This 
>collection contains 24 film and video pieces by 
>24 UK based artists, each around three minutes 
>long, and reflects the creativity, innovation 
>and wide variety of subject matter for which 
>www.tank.tv has become known and respected. It 
>also includes five new, specially commissioned 
>interviews pieces between feted curators and 
>Fresh Moves was compiled by a panel that 
>included Hans Ulrich Obrist, director of the 
>Serpentine Gallery, and Stuart Comer, curator of 
>film and video at Tate Modern. Turner Prize 
>winner Jeremy Deller and infamous philosopher 
>Slavoj iek both make an appearance in the 
>series of interviews.
>The DVD features recent work from some of the 
>most important artists working in moving images 
>today, such as Cerith Wyn Evans, Daria Martin, 
>Runa Islam, Spartacus Chetwynd and Andrew 
>Kotting, as well as emerging artists like 
>Torsten Lauschmann, Anja M. Kirschner and David 
>Blandy. Rather than a comprehensive overview, 
>Fresh Moves aims to provide an anthology 
>encompassing animation, fictional narrative, 
>digital film, montage and installation-based 
>film work. The works explore a wide variety of 
>subjects - from politics to identity and 
>aesthetic practices, all tempered with a healthy 
>measure of humour - and so celebrate not just 
>the artists featured, but the art of moving 
>images as a whole.
>"...this special project addresses the idea of 
>carrying video and filmic work beyond the 
>boundaries of contextually, or spatially, 
>confined spaces pertaining to where a work can 
>be seen. [...] It furthers the investigation 
>into how different modes of filmmaking evolve 
>within the changing consciousness of the public 
>media [...] a sort of polyphony of voices, 
>stories and philosophies. [The project] 
>...produced an investigation into a new 
>generation of artists working in the UK. [...] 
>Eric Hobsbawm, the great English historian 
>speaks of the very necessary and urgent need for 
>our hyper-paced culture to issue a 'protest 
>against forgetting'."
>Hans Ulrich Obrist
><http://www.tank.tv/freshmoves.htm>  <http://www.tank.tv/freshmoves.htm>
>ARTISTS: David Blandy, Ben Callaway, Duncan 
>Campbell, Ergin avusoglu, Spartacus Chetwynd, 
>Kate Cooper, Ann Course, Katy Dove, Max Hattler, 
>Runa Islam, Kevin Heavey, Anja M. Kirschner, 
>Zineb Sedira, Andrew Ktting, Torsten 
>Lauschmann, Daria Martin, Alexander Heim, Ben 
>Rivers, Samuel Stevens, Stephen Sutcliffe, Mark 
>Aerial Waller, Saskia Olde Wolbers, John Wood & 
>Paul Harrison, Cerith Wyn Evans
>INTERVIEWS: Steven Eastwood with Benjamin Cook, 
>Jeremy Deller with Chrissie Iles, Ryan Gander 
>with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Laure Prouvost with 
>Michael Connor, Sophie Fiennes with Slavoj iek.
>The compilation was selected by: Hans Ulrich 
>Obrist (the Serpentine Gallery), Benjamin Cook 
>and Mike Sperlinger (LUX), Stuart Comer (Tate 
>Modern), Michelle Cotton (Independent Curator, 
>London), Rose Cupit (Film London), and Kathrin 
>Becker (NBK, Berlin).
>A project by: Laure Prouvost and Birgit Ludwig
>Fresh Moves: New Moving Images From the UK
>ISBN: 978-0-9555181-0-2
>Price: £19.99
>150 x 180 mm portrait
>300 pages / content printed on 81 colour pages
>PAL DVD / Region 0 / running time 87 min
>Edition of 3000
>Published by Tank Form Ltd
>Design: Tank
>Distributed by Thames & Hudson.
>Release Date: June 2007
>" Artist's moving image work is blossoming in 
>London and the Arts Council is delighted to be 
>supporting tank.tv and its partnership with 
>Thames & Hudson in its distribution of exciting 
>work through this DVD project."
>Sarah Weir, Executive Director, Arts Council England, London.
>Fresh Moves will be launched at the ICA, London
>on the 28th June 2007 at 7pm.
>Pre-Order your copy of Fresh Moves <http://www.tank.tv/freshmoves.htm>here.

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