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Jan van Eyck Academie
Post-academic institute for research and production
Fine Art, Design, Theory

Call for artist's applications
Deadline: 1 October 2007

The Jan van Eyck Academie is an institute for 
research and production where artists, designers 
and theoreticians work alongside each other and 
establish cross-disciplinary exchange.

The Fine Art department offers a unique space for 
experimentation, production, reflection and 
debate. The researchers in the department conduct 
high-quality research in an environment that 
encourages the questioning of the assumptions, 
forms, meanings and contexts that are tied in 
with the practice of making art today. We welcome 
artists, individuals and groups, without 
stipulating conditions regarding form, content and media.

Artists are invited to apply for a research 
period in the Fine Art department of up to two 
years, starting in January 2008. The central 
element of the application is your project 
proposal, in which you set out the form and 
content of your research and production plans. 
The application deadline is 1 October 2007.


The Fine Art department is headed by the advising 
researchers Orla Barry, Aglaia Konrad, Hinrich 
Sachs and Imogen Stidworthy. Their principal task 
is to advise the Fine Art researchers in the development of their work.

The artistic practice is supported by a programme 
of events and sustained conversations that are 
organised by the researchers and advising 
researchers according to their interests. 
Throughout the year professionals from different 
fields are invited to set up discursive events, 
on a formal and informal level, such as 
presentations, lectures, studio visits, 
performances and other forms of intervention. The 
programme is open to researchers from all three departments.

For more information about the programme please 
visit the academy website (www.janvaneyck.nl) 
which includes an extensive list of current and 
past research projects, activities, events and 
publications, as well as biographical information 
and links of current researchers and advising 
researchers. Prospective candidates are also 
welcome to visit the academy in person.


All researchers in the Fine Art department are 
given an individual studio and a stipend 
(currently 8840 euro paid in13 instalments). 
Funding for individual projects can be applied 
for on a project-by-project basis.

The academy offers expertise in all media and 
production areas, in-house or in cooperation with 
partner organisations. These areas include 
photography, digital and silk-screen printing, 
video and audio production, computer applications 
and other digital technologies, and materials 
including wood, metal, ceramics, glass and 
bronze. The academy encourages publishing through 
the Jan van Eyck publication series of artists’ 
books, monographs, theoretical and other writings 
or forms of publishing. Everybody at the Jan van 
Eyck Academie can make use of the extensive library.


Your application is expected to arrive before 1 
October 2007. Interviews will take place in October.

Your application must include your project 
proposal, documentation material and an 
application form. A downloadable application form 
and more information about the application 
procedure can be found at www.janvaneyck.nl (click applications).

The application fee is 60 euro, both for individuals and teams.

For questions and/or more information please 
contact Leon Westenberg (researchers’ secretary): 
leon.westenberg at janvaneyck.nl or +31(0)433503724.

Events and productions by Fine Art researchers 2005 – 2007 (not exhaustive)

Afrika, 2007
Film by Lene Markusen about an outsider’s 
position within a community that has given proof of non-social acts.

A reader, 2006
Posters, made by Stefanie Seibold, representing a 
realm of desire dealing with the development of 
strategies to de-naturalise normative concepts of 
identity, bodies, sex and gender.

Art's Birthday 2005: Permanent creation, 2005
Live-streaming project by Nikolaus Gansterer celebrating the birthday of art.

D, 2004
First edition of a magazine fully dedicated to 
drawing, compiled by Yane Calovski.

Desire in representation. Travelling through the Musée Royale, 2007
Artist’s book by Peggy Buth about the 
representation of the Belgian and European 
colonial history in the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren (BE).

Figures of research. Drawing a hypothesis, 2007
Artist’s book by Nikolaus Gansterer that 
researches the visual representation of 
scientific ideas, knowledge and evidence.

Jan van Eyck at Lumière Cinema, 2005 & 2006
Film programme in local film theatre with work of 
Charlotte Moth, Johanna Kirsch & Katrin Plavcak, 
Paul Hendrikse, Willem van der Hulst, Nikolaus 
Gansterer, Karen Vanderborght, Katharina Lampert, 
Stefanie Seibold, Saliou Traoré, Lene Markusen, 
Keren Cytter , Alevtina Kakhidze in 2005 and Lene 
Markusen, Anke Brüchner, Megan Sullivan, Romana 
Schmalisch, Raphaël Cuomo, Maria Iorio and Orla Barry in 2006.

Geometry in free space, 2006
Research and performance project by Natascha 
Hagenbeek, who was inspired by the legacy of Pim 
Conradi, who disappeared suddenly, leaving behind 
his work of geometric models, holograms, texts 
and tools. With Anna Carlisle, Maja Moser and 
Norman Bryson at Het Gebouw van Stanley Brouwn (Utrecht, NL).

Hip-Hop on Bones, 2004
Hip-hop operetta in three vinyl volumes by Lucia 
Macari in which she narrates the real-life story 
of a young Moldavian woman who was attacked by 
drunks when walking home from a party in Chisinau.

I just saved your life, 2004
Film by David Küenzi about the adolescent’s quest for identity.

Informance. ‘As Yet...', 2007
Symposium in De Appel (Amsterdam) exploring 
notions of ‘speculative reason’, the irrational 
and the unverifiable organized by Falke Pisano 
and Will Holder with Bill Aitchison, Ralph Bauer, 
Sönke Hallmann, Patricia Railing, Albert van der Schoot among others.

Interlude. The reader’s traces, 2005
Artist’s publication by Mariana Castillo Deball 
that documents a series of interventions in 
public libraries in Berlin, New York and Paris.

Reconstructing futures, 2006-2007
Film project by Romana Schmalisch that questions 
the social projections and expressions of cities 
such as Moscow, Chandigarh and Astana.

Report on body, 2005
Performance lab by Lina Issa in which different 
modes of approaching the body and creating 
movement are explored through a set of exercises, readings and discussions

Resonance. Or how one reality can be understood through another, 2006-2007
Exhibition curated by Astrid Wege in STUK 
(Louvain, BE) and Artis (’s-Hertogenbosch, NL) 
with work of former and current Fine Art 
researchers: Pavel Braîla, Anke Brüchner, Peggy 
Buth, Raphaël Cuomo & Maria Iorio, Mariana 
Castillo Deball, Enough Room for Space with 
Marjolijn Dijkman and Eric van Hove, Olivier 
Foulon, Nikolaus Gansterer, Hatice Güleryüz, Paul 
Hendrikse, Johanna Kirsch, Will Kwan, Doris Lasch 
& Ursula Ponn, Achim Lengerer, Lene Markusen, 
Charlotte Moth, Gyan Panchal, Falke Pisano, 
Romana Schmalisch, Megan Sullivan, Armando Andrade Tudela and Inga Zimprich.

Performing a sculpture park, 2007
Performance project by Paul Hendrikse based on 
the collection and archive of the Middelheim Park 
(Antwerp, BE) that takes the form of an alternative guide through the park.

Stepping out. An invitation to do something new, 2005
Exhibition in the Jan van Eyck Gallery Space with 
work of Fine Art, Design and Theory researchers 
Kasper Andreasen, Nikolaus Gansterer, Geoffrey 
Garrison, Paul Hendrikse, Yolande Harris with 
Bert Bongers, Alevtina Kakhidze, Vinca Kruk, Lene 
Markusen, Adriaan Mellegers, Charlotte Moth, 
Falke Pisano, Stefanie Seibold, Saliou Traoré, 
Armando Andrade Tudela, Johanna Kirsch and Inga Zimprich.

Sudeuropa, 2007
Video by Raphaël Cuomo and Maria Iorio about 
mobility on the Sicilian island of Lampedusa and 
its surrounding area. It focuses on two migratory 
movements: north-south — due to tourism — and 
south-north — due to (illegal) migration.

The cut, 2006
Video by Geoffrey Garrison in which the history 
and the script of John Huston’s film Freud the 
secret passion is reconstructed in a non-linear way.

The drawings, 2005
Series of drawing cards by Alevtina Kakhidze that 
critically researches Western consumerist culture.

The zoo of space. Let me be your dictionary, 2006
Artist’s book by Saliou Traoré in which he 
focuses on contingent, simple relations of 
objects and events, such as traffic jams and linguistic phenomena.

Thinktank, 2006
Presentations and publication organised by Inga 
Zimprich on the parallels between open-source 
programming and social and artistic collaborative practices.

Trichtlinnburg. An urban affair, 2005/2006
Ten-day manifestation with communicative and 
performative art projects, a lecture series and a 
film programme in the city of Maastricht curated 
by Hinrich Sachs, accompanied by a publication. 
Participators: Will Kwan, Ralph Bauer and 
Christine Lemke, Ron Bernstein, Bolwerk 
Interrational, Michel and Michel Dupuy, Nikolaus 
Gansterer, Geoffrey Garrison, Gold Extra, Sanja 
Ivekovic, Zuzana Lapitkova and the Maastricht 
Giants’ Guild, Ligna, Nils Norman and Stadtraum.Org.

Video Weekend, 2007
Three-day programme on video art with round 
tables, presentations, screenings featuring Cel 
Crabeels, Johan Grimonprez, Mark Nash, Pedro 
Costa, Catherine David, Chris Dercon, Corinne 
Castel, Dirk de Wit, Pavel Braila, Knut Asdam, 
Rein Wolfs, Jennifer Steetskamp et al.

When the story finishes light sadness grasps me, 2005
Artist’s book by Doris Lasch and Ursula Ponn that 
addresses the private and public context of art 
by showing neat and messy artists’ studios, 
old-fashioned interiors and museum rooms.

Untitled excerpts, 2005
Exhibition at Gallery Nadja Vilenne (Liège, BE) 
with work of Fine Art researchers Armando Andrade 
Tudela, Kasper Andreasen, Peggy Buth, Natascha 
Hagenbeek, Geoffrey Garrison, Alevtina Kakhidze, 
Johanna Kirsch, Stefanie Seibold and Saliou Traoré.

N.B. The publications can be ordered via 
or bookshop at janvaneyck.nl

Guests invited by the Fine Art department 2005 – 2007 (not exhaustive)

Knut Asdam
Manon de Boer
The Bernadette Corporation
Pavel Braîla
Matti Braun
Candice Breitz
Gerard Byrne
Corinne Castel
Pedro Costa
Catherine David
Ann Demeester
Chris Dercon
Peter Doroshenko
Galit Eilat
Ethidium Gould
Johan Grimonprez
Yuval El-Hanani
Mikah Hannula
Emma Hedditch
Jeppe Hein
Noritoshi Hirakawa
Stewart Home
Bethan Huws
Suchan Kinoshita
Markus Klammer
Elke Krystufelk
Volodymyr Kuznetsov
Rita McBride
Raimundas Malasauskas
Dorit Margreiter
Matt Mullican
John Murphy
Deimantas Narkevicius
Mark Nash
Alexander Negrelli
Mike Nelson
Emily Pethick
Francis Picabia
Florian Pumhoesl
Joke Robaard
Glen Rubsamen
Karl Sabbagh
Hans Scheirl
Jochen Schmith
Shirana Shahbazi
Cherry Smyth
Femke Snelting
Cornelia Sollfrank
Michael Stevenson
Carlos Tapioca
Joëlle Tuerlinckx
Mitja Tusek
Jan Verwoert
Jonathan Watkins
Astrid Wege
Dirk de Wit
Rein Wolfs
Stephen Wright
Raul Zelik

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