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From:     Maja&Reuben Fowkes <majareuben at hotmail.com>
Date:     16 Jul 2007
Subject:  CFP: SocialEast Forum on the Art and Visual Culture ..

Forum on the Art and Visual Culture of Eastern Europe


Proposals for papers are invited from art historians, curators and artists
that examine the art and visual culture of Eastern Europe in both 
historical and contemporary contexts. Papers are sought for the 
SocialEast Seminar on Art and Empire (Manchester, 17 November 2007) 
and the SocialEast Seminar on the Legacy of 1968 (Venue to be 
confirmed, May 2008).

To suggest a paper for either of the next two seminars, please send a 200
word proposal and biographical note to Dr. Reuben Fowkes by email to
r.fowkes at mmu.ac.uk

The deadline for submissions is 15 September 2007.

The SocialEast Forum was initiated in 2006 by Dr. Reuben Fowkes of MIRIAD
Manchester Metropolitan University and is a platform for collaborative,
transnational research on the art and visual culture of Eastern Europe.
Documentation of the first four SocialEast Seminars on Art and 
Ideology, Art and Documentary, Art and Revolution and Art and Memory, 
which were held in Manchester, Budapest and Zagreb 2006-7 can be 
found on the SocialEast Forum
website www.socialeast.org

SocialEast Seminar Series 2007-8

Two SocialEast Seminars will be held during 2007-8 to address the 
topics of Art and Empire and the Legacy of 1968. The seminars will be 
accompanied by a contemporary art programme, including exhibitions, 
artist presentations and film screenings.

No.5 Art and Empire
Manchester, 17 November 2007

This seminar considers the issue of colonisation as a historical 
problem in the relationship between the Soviet Union and the 
countries of the Eastern Bloc, examining whether cultural imperialism 
during the Cold War should be understood as a complex two-way 
process. It will also include discussion of the issue of the 
relationship of Eastern European contemporary art with the West, in 
terms of the activities and interests of art institutions, curators 
and collectors in a post-socialist global art economy.

No.6 The Legacy of 1968
Venue to be confirmed, May 2008

This seminar will examine the multiple legacies of 1968 for 
contemporary art in terms of new artistic practices involving 
dematerialisation, performance and the use of new media; social and 
institutional critique; as well as the impact of political upheavals 
on art. It will also consider the contemporary implications of the 
social movements and artistic radicalism of 1968 against the backdrop 
of the organised commemoration of the 40th anniversary, as well as 
the specificities of the experience of 1968 in the countries of 
Eastern Europe.


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